Midnight Mystery Quilt-a-long Flying Geese

I’ve really been enjoying participating in the Midnight Mystery Quilt-a-long through Meadow Mist Designs. Being a novice quilter, it is such a great opportunity for me to build and stretch my quilting skills. I finally finished the August assignment of making 36 Flying Geese units. I really appreciated Cheryl’s clear directions as I had never tried making flying geese blocks before. It quickly became clear that it was going to be exceedingly difficult to make the text go the same direction with two smaller triangles, so I reached out to other quilters on Facebook and Instagram (as well as my sister who is the graphic artist in my family) and was encouraged to embrace the wonky randomness of the text going different directions. I’m glad I did because I’m very happy with them.

Midnight Mystery Quilt-a-long Flying Geese

Midnight Mystery Quilt-a-long Flying Geese

Have you ever had a Work-in-Progress that you thought you might have to throw in the scrap bin only to end up really liking it?

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9 Responses to Midnight Mystery Quilt-a-long Flying Geese

  1. You know what? If text is going in all four directions (or even in diagonal directions, too) then the quilt has no up or down or even sideways. That’s much better when putting it on the bed. No having to figure it out or turn the quilt…just toss on the bed and done! Your flying geese are well made. I wouldn’t have said your a novice. And flying geese are not a newbie block!

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  2. I am so glad you went for it and pieced the flying geese with the text print. I really enjoy Cheryl’s mystery quilts and I have definitely had projects I was super skeptical about along the way but loved I the end!


  3. These look great, not beginner level! As to whether I’ve had anything I wanted to give up on, sure, but not often. Early this year I was pretty discouraged about one, trouble at every turn. Still, objectively I know what’s “wrong” with it, but I like it pretty well.


  4. Kara Zevchik says:

    It looks great! I have the same problem with a few of my quilts. When I started them I hated them & now they are my favorites! funny how that works!


  5. Lisa says:

    Great job on those flying geese. Sometimes I end up hating projects because I am sick of looking at them….but usually when I start putting the rows together I love them.


  6. msminnesota says:

    I’m all about wonkiness. (Is that a word?) I think you geese turned out great!


  7. Yay! I love this – hmmm…I was going to do the mystery – maybe I should jump in.


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