March 2020 OMG

My March 2020 One Monthly Goal is to make a high school graduation quilt top for my great-nephew, Hayden. Over the last few months, I’ve been accumulating fabrics to use in this quilt with the theme primarily being camping which is a major family activity/interest, but I’ve also purchased some fabrics that reflect some of his other interests such as fishing, bicycling, and cowboy hats and boots. Below are some of the 5” squares that I’ve cut. I will need a total of 54 squares, so I will be cutting 2-4 squares from 18 different fabrics.

I needed to fussy cut most of the above squares which I both love (for the opportunity to feature specific items) and dislike (because of how much fabric I end up wasting). I do have a fussy cutting tip to share that I learned from the amazing Elizabeth Hartman at Glamp Stitchalot 2016. For my 5” squares, I cut 4.5” squares of freezer paper and centered the square over the image I wanted to cut and then pressed the freezer paper square shiny side down. Then I placed my ruler on the square and added a 1/4” seam allowance around each side to get a 5” fussy cut square. See my deer fabric below after cutting two squares and getting ready to cut one more. I’ve been watching a lot of old Great British Baking Show episodes on Netflix, and the bakers often talk about feeling “gutted.” That’s what I feel I do to my fabric when I fussy cut!

I will be using Amy Ellis’ Soirée Quilt Pattern for Hayden’s quilt, but I will be cutting all of the snowball triangles from one fabric (Kona Cadet) and the white in Amy’s pattern will be Kona Windsor.

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Stargazer (Modified) Quilt Finished

I have a favorite finish to share on Meadow Mist Designs: Favorite Finish Monthly Linkup – February 2020.

It is my modified Stargazer quilt which I started last year through participation in Rebecca Bryan’s Block of the Month program. I originally was going to use the main colorway in blue, green, and turquoise fabrics (after all, anyone who knows me is aware those are some of my very favorite colors). Take a look at Rebecca’s finished Stargazer quilt. Isn’t it awesome!?! I decided to switch out the green solids for purple solids because purple is the favorite color of my best friend (also named Mary) who is the recipient of this quilt.

I completed all the units and cut the base triangles cut by the end of December, and on first day of 2020, I started to sew the chevron arms of the quilt top together but struggled getting the seams to line up, and I wasn’t having fun (I realized after the fact that if I had nested my seams rather than pressing them open, I would’ve had an easier time).

I spent a little time looking at Modern Triangle Quilts (also by Rebecca Bryan), and that night, when I couldn’t sleep well at all, I started redesigning in my head the chevron sections of my soon-to-be-modified Stargazer quilt, using some quarter base triangle units from Rebecca’s book, which would also eliminate the matching of many other seams of the blocks that surround the chevron units. I eventually decided to modify the Stargazer quilt highlighting the block I like best (Rebecca calls it the Starbucks block) using purple and blue solids.

I had the quilt top done by mid-January and sent it out for quilting to Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting, choosing the Pick-Up Sticks quilting pattern to accentuate the variety of angles in my modified Stargazer quilt, and using a pretty wide-back batik fabric for both the backing and binding. Below are several pics I took this morning at our local plaza park. The third photo which shows the full quilt hanging straight really is too dark, but I like how it highlights the center of the quilt.


And here’s a pic of the back of the quilt on the dry winter grass.

My friend, Mary, is on a trip and will return on Monday. I can’t wait to give this finished quilt to her!

I’m also linking up to Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday being hosted this week by my friend, Roseanne, at Home Sewn By Us.

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To-Do Tuesday #28 Weekly Progress Update

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February 2020 One Monthly Goal Finish

My February 2020 One Monthly Goal was to finish my Glimmers of Gold quilt top for my friend, Karla, who will be awarded her Doctorate in Education from Denver University this May. The long title for this project is Shades of Grey, Patches of Black, and Glimmers of Gold to describe Karla’s journey toward the achievement of this amazing accomplishment. The pattern is Sea Glass from the Sew Kind of Wonderful Mini Wonderful Curves book. It was designed to be a wall-hanging, but Glimmers of Gold is a small throw-size at 43” X 49.5”.

Below is a pic I took of Glimmers of Gold Swatch page in my Quilter’s Planner. I wish I could say that I do this with every project, but truth be told, this is the first time I’ve done this. I think it is interesting to look at how all the greys compare with each other.

I finished my Glimmers of Gold quilt top on Saturday. Overall it sewed up pretty easily though there are certainly a few seams that aren’t perfectly matched. (Like I’ve ever had a project that didn’t have any misaligned seams!!!) The Sea Glass pattern instructions recommend pressing the seams open when sewing the units into rows and then sewing the rows together. That’s generally how I press, but I did try one new thing with this project. I read a tip  by @blossomheartquilts on Instagram about using a finger presser to keep seams straight, so I ordered a Clover Finger Presser, and I found it helpful to open up the seams prior to pressing.

I will be sending it off today to The Modern Quilting Company (used to be My Long Arm Quilting Service), and the quilting pattern I’ve chosen is called Parallel Journey which I think is perfect for this project!

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To-Do Tuesday #27 Weekly Progress Update

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To-Do Tuesday #26 Weekly Progress Update

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I Love Triangles!

My friend, Sarah, with Sarah Goer Quilts, has a fun monthly Linky party called Show Me Something. The theme this month is triangles. I decided to write a reprise post about my three favorite triangle projects. I’m going to start with my Blue Ombré HST quilt that I made in 2017 for my great-nephew, Jimmy, when he graduated from high school. This incredible pattern was designed by Sarah Goer, and it launched my love for color gradient projects. I blogged about this quilt in my Onward and Upward post, which also features another HST quilt that I made for Jimmy’s twin sister, Rachel.

The next project I want to include in this reprise post is the quilt I made for my stepdaughter, Alisha, when she married her wife, Wendy, in 2018. To learn more about this quilt, please see my Wedding Whirl Finished! and Wedding Whirl Quilt Top Finished posts. This was my first experience making paper-pieced half-square triangles which has become my preferred method for making HSTs.

And the last triangle quilt I want to share again is my Tranquility quilt which is on my bed right now. See my Tranquility Quilt Finished! post for details about this paper-pieced half-rectangle quilt that I made in 2019.

Linking up to Sarah Goer Quilts: Show Me Something with Triangles Linkup.

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