June 2017 OMG Finish

I’m happy to report that I did indeed meet my June ’17 One Monthly Goal and even got two bonus blocks done! I continue to love working on blocks for the Summer Sampler 2017, and my favorite so far is the Celestial Star by Holly DeGroot of Bijou Lovely.


When working on the 12-inch Celestial Star block, I once again benefited from help and support offered from the online quilting community. I asked Holly a question on Instagram about joining the sections of her block together, and she suggested I use a basting stitch to make sure all the points were precisely matched, and then if I was happy with it, to sew over the basting stitch with a shorter stitch to facilitate ripping off the paper.

The two Summer Sampler 2017 bonus blocks I completed are the 6-inch Rosetta Star block by Lee@ Freshly Pieced which was a quick block with easy paper-pieced points and the Alchemy block by AnneMarie Chany@Gen X Quilters. This 6-inch block is made of up of 41 small fabric pieces, and I’m pretty happy that my seams and points matched up fairly well.

The other paper-piecing block I completed this month was the Hidden Gems block by Diane@From Blank Pages. It isn’t perfect but definitely usable, and I’m glad to have finally completed this Bee Hive commitment from last year.


I like how my Chocolatier blocks look, but I’ve realized that having someone else make my fabric choices decreases the pleasure I have in working on this project. Had I chosen the fabric myself, I probably would have chosen a brighter color than the olive green. But I feel that participating in this Block of the Month is a nice way to support my local quilt store which is a priority to me. And my personal taste will be more reflected in the substituted charcoal background rather than the tan background ThreadBear chose to use. Below are the four Chocolatier blocks I completed which keeps me current with this BOM.


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Onward and Upward

I decided sometime in 2016 that I wanted to make graduation lap quilts for my great-nephew, Jimmy, and great-niece, Rachel, who are graduating from high school and turning 18 later this month. The name of this blog post is in honor of the title of the invitation for their graduation/18th birthday party that will be held on June 24th which I am thrilled that I will be able to attend.

Most of the quilts I make are more appropriate for females, so I started looking on Pinterest for quilts that a male would like. I ran across a blue ombre baby quilt and on a whim sent the pin to my friend, Sarah of Sarah Goer Quilts, who decided to use it for inspiration to write a quilt pattern for an Ombre Quilt in two sizes. I decided the lap-size Blue Ombre quilt would be perfect for Jimmy. My Quarter 2 Finish-A-Long GoalsOne Monthly Goal April 2017 , and Blue Ombre HST Quilt Top Finished posts provide information about the process from fabric choice to completed quilt top. It was quilted by ThreadBear using a jagged shards motif. I machine stitched the binding to the front last weekend (not without a very big problem–see my solution at the end of this post ), and I finished hand-stitching the binding (same as the backing fabric) a few days ago. Here are pics of the front and the back:



I’ve had two fat quarter bundles of Katarina Roccella’s Imprint collection for over a year waiting to use it for a special person, and lovely Rachel definitely meets that criteria. Though I love traditional Half-Square Triangle (HST) configurations such as stars, hour glasses, and diamonds, I wanted this quilt to have a more spontaneous feel. Initially, I randomly picked the two-square combinations for the HSTs out of a bin but later made intentional choices to give the quilt a more balanced look. My A New Work in Progress and March ’17 OMG Finish posts talk about this project in more detail. Michael at ThreadBear and I discussed several different quilting motifs but eventually decided on a mazes motif that echoes some of the Mazes fabrics in the Imprint collection.


The back of Rachel’s quilt is a Dogwood wide fabric I’ve also been saving for awhile. I  chose to feature the Bari J Stitched Road binding in granite by making it a little wider on the back than traditional binding.


Many of my blog followers know that I’ve been sewing and quilting with an inexpensive Brother sewing machine I purchased from Amazon in 2014. Apparently I used that machine well beyond its limits. I had it in for servicing in May and was told it really couldn’t handle sewing through much thickness any more. When I started to machine sew the binding on Jimmy’s quilt and couldn’t even get 24 inches sewed, I decided it was time to buy the Juki sewing machine that I’ve been thinking about for awhile, so I drove to Albuquerque and came home the same day with my new baby. She’s absolutely amazing!


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June ’17 OMG

I have decided that for my June ’17 One Monthly Goal that I am going to make a total of six blocks for three different projects. First, I plan to get caught up on my Block of the Month blocks for the Chocolatier BOM designed by Annemarie Chany of Gen X Quilters. This BOM is hosted by my local quilt store, ThreadBear, and we did not start it until March. It is a 12-month BOM, so unless we combine months later in the year, we won’t finish our Chocolatier blocks until February 2018 which works for me because I don’t even want to think about finishing this quilt until after Christmas. We are using Moda weave fabrics, and ThreadBear is accommodating my request for a charcoal background rather than the tan background everyone else is getting. Below is a mosaic of the blocks for Months 1 and 2. For Month 1, we sewed four of the Corner Stars on the left, and the turquoise/purple Eccentric Star and Arrowhead blocks were the second month’s assignment. Month 3 has two blocks that I’ve already cut but not sewn, and I haven’t picked up Month 4 yet, but I’m assuming it will also have two blocks. (If it has more, I am only committing to sewing two Month 4 blocks!)

Here is ThreadBear’s Chocolatier quilt:


Chocolatier Quilt by ThreadBear 2017

Next I am planning to finish the Celestial Star block for the Summer Sampler 2017 hosted by Katie of Swim Bike Quilt, Lee of Freshly Pieced, and Faith of Fresh Lemons. I wrote a little bit about the fabric I am using in my May is for Makers 2017 post, and there is also a pic of the mockup of the Summer Sampler 2017. I feel a little like a cheater since I am using all the fabrics shown in the mockup except I swapped the white background for a charcoal background–seems to be a theme 🙂 But I absolutely love these colors. Katie, Lee, and Faith built on the Summer Sampler 2016 palette but then added in some fuchsia and light blue to add more depth, and I was totally sold. These talented women are the authors of the Vintage Quilt Revival book which I own, and I plan to use several of the gorgeous blocks in this book in another project later this year.

Below are my first two Summer Sampler 2017 blocks. Block 1 on the left is the Millcreek Star by Katie of Swim Bike Quilt. Block 2 is Tilted Star by Karen Lewis of Karen Lewis Textiles.

The tutorial for Block 3, Celestial Star by Holly DeGroot of Bijou Lovely, was sent to Summer Sampler 2017 subscribers on 5/29/17. This block is not for the paper-piecing faint of heart! I started sewing a few of the units and noticed one of my points was a little cut off. Then yesterday I read the paper-piecing tip tutorial for the Celestial Star by Lee of Freshly Pieced, and it was a game changer for me. I love the intricate angles that can be created through paper-piecing, but at the same time, they totally stress me out because it has been hit and miss whether or not the pieces I cut and paper piece will fully cover the designated area. Below are two Section B units for the Celestial Star block. In the bottom one, the point on the sage green section on the left is peaking out (but I will still be able to use it), and the top one, using Lee’s tutorial, is fully covered! Yay! For my June ’17 OMG, I plan to finish the Celestial Star. I may complete some of the June 2017 Summer Sampler blocks, but they will be bonus blocks and not part of my June ’17 OMG goal.


I am planning to use Lee’s paper-piecing tip to finally sew the Hidden Gems block by Diane of From Blank Pages. Linda chose this block as part of our swarm in April 2016 for The Bee Hive by Blossom Heart Quilts. I had just been diagnosed with severe shoulder problems and was sleeping terribly due to shoulder pain, so when Linda chose this complicated paper-piecing block, I emailed her and asked her if I pulled the fabric, cut the templates, and sent them to her, would she sew it together for me, and she very generously agreed to do so. My shoulders are doing much better, and I’ve been in touch with Linda (sew4sanity on Instagram), and she has not yet sewn her quilt together and can still use another block, so I am going to do my best to make this Hidden Gems block and send it off to her. Rather than cutting template pieces which I really did not like doing (though it saves quite a bit of fabric), I cut rectangles that I will use to paper piece this block. Below are some of the rectangles with the appropriate templates placed on top of them:


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May 2017 OMG Finish

My May 2017 One Monthly Goal was to get the binding sewn on my Quatrefoil quilt. I chose a medium grey Modern Paper Background print by Zen Chic which brings out the grey print on many of the low volume sections of the Quatrefoil blocks. Please see my Feb ’17 OMG Finish post for more information about this quilt. I was able to get it done early in the month and a few days later snapped a couple pics during about a five second lull in the afternoon spring wind in Northern New Mexico. This is my second finish of my 2017 Finish-A-Long Goals.


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May is for Makers 2017

Last year Lindsey Rhodes of LR Stitched started May is for Makers which is a campaign to support independent makers. I probably have more than 100 free tutorials and patterns downloaded to my iBooks or pinned to various Pinterest boards, but I also believe in financially supporting the various makers who share so generously with quilters and sewists. This month I have made several purchases. The one I am most excited about is the Summer Sampler 2017. I really love the layout and the colors in the mockup, so much so that I ordered all the Kona solid colors in the mockup with the exception of the white background. I am going to make my 2017 Summer Sampler with a Kona coal background, and I’m making it as an alternate quilt for my bed. I live in New Mexico where dust and dirt are everywhere, and I have cats who love to roll in all that available dirt, so quilts with white backgrounds aren’t such a good idea for me. Below is the mockup of this beautiful sampler.


I also ordered four different quilt patterns from Quilt Theory designers. I probably won’t use any of these patterns this year, but at $3 per pattern, they are modern, budget-friendly designs that are now on my Quilts-to-Make list. In the mosaic below, the top left pattern is Mountain Call by Daisy Aschehoug of Ants to Sugar. The top right is Corner Crest by Michelle Bartholomew. Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs designed Arrow Point Path on the bottom left (I may HAVE to use a white background when I make this quilt!), and on the bottom right is Tiled Parquet by Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl.


Lastly, I made my final May is for Makers purchase earlier today. I ordered the Swoon Sixteen pattern by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms. I plan to make a small Christmas quilt with four of these swoon blocks.


As always, I have many more projects that I want to make than time to make them. Who else can relate?

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May 2017–One Monthly Goal

I had several projects to choose from to be my OMG this month, but I have decided to finish up my Quatrefoil quilt. When I am working on multiple projects, I tend to back-burner quilts I plan to keep. I shipped my completed quilt top off to Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side the end of February to have her longarm quilt it and had it back the second week of March. The mazes quilting motif looks wonderful, but this quilt-to-be has been shoved in a bag and neglected for almost two months. It’s time to get it trimmed up and sew on some binding. But first I’d better decide on the binding and start sewing some binding strips together.


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A Cute Cat Block-another DrEAMi Moment

Yesterday when I was looking at Pinterest, I ran across a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial for a Pins and Paws Cat Quilt. I show the tutorial to a friend of mine who has been talking about making a quilt for another friend who loves cats as much as we do. Even though I’m in the middle of several other projects, I thought it would be good for my friend to see what the block look likes in person, so I had to “Drop Everything and Make it.”


I have to get back to all my other quilty commitments, so I won’t do anything more with this block for 2-3 months. Probably sometime this summer, I’ll turn this block into a pillow for my friend.

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