To-Do Tuesday #19 Weekly Progress Update

I am joining the weekly To-Do Tuesday Linky Party hosted by my friend, Roseanne, at Home Sewn By Us. I find goal-setting to be extremely helpful to get more accomplished, and since I’m always trying to get one more project done, I’m all for a little extra push and/or encouragement.

To-Do for the week of December 17th-December 22nd:

  1. Finish sewing the triangles on the Medallion Lantern blocks. – √ Done
  2. Start sewing the Medallion Lantern blocks into rows. – √ Done
  3. Finish writing my 2020 Quilting Goals post. – √ Done

To-Do #1

I used two different golds for the triangles to form the diamonds in the center of the Medallion Lantern blocks. The gold absolutely shows up inside the grey lanterns which I’ve found is a good thing (looks like a light in the lantern—stealing that description from Diann with Little Penguin Quilts), but any discrepancies with lining up the triangle points are also highlighted. I’ve definitely ripped out and fixed a fair amount of seams.

To-Do #2

I‘ve actually gotten four of the six rows made, but I’m not going to show them yet. I’ll write a December ‘19 OMG Finished post in a day or two and show a pic of the first four rows. I was going to do a two-fer with my TGIFF post that I wrote for the TGIFF linky party that Roseanne hosted this past Friday, but I have more info to share and a better photo, so I’ll feel better writing a specific OMG finish post.

To-Do #3

I really enjoy writing these yearly quilting goal posts to reflect on where I’ve been in my quilting journey and re-evaluate where I want to go in the future. Of course after I think I’m finished and have published the post, I think of one more thing that I wanted to include. In this case, I’m thinking of making a temperature quilt for 2020. I wanted to make one for 2019 but got way too busy. Maybe I’ll be able to get one done for the coming year.

To-Do for the week of December 24th through December 30th

  1. Get ‘er done! I need to get my Medallion Lantern quilt top finished! I am honestly tired of working on it and definitely of talking/writing about it!
  2. Cut my backing fabric, World Globes Seven Seas, to size for long-arm quilting.

I’d like to take a moment to wish all who celebrate Christmas, a wonderful Christmas.

Linking up to Home Sewn By Us: To-Do Tuesday Linky #20.

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2020 Quilting Goals

It is starting to seem a little more real and less like science fiction that in about a week and a half, the Year 2020 will be upon us! I am joining the #2020Planning Party hosted by Yvonne@ Quilting Jetgirl. I’ve participated in these Planning Parties hosted by Yvonne for the past four years. (See my 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 posts for previous quilting-related goals).

Curved Piecing

I will not be participating in an online quilting bee this coming year but am so thankful that I participated in another Bee Hive swarm this year called the IGHoneybees2019 because I faced my fear of curved piecing and made Fizzy blocks for three different Queen Bees. Below are the two Fizzy blocks I made for Kathy in September.

I also learned to sew two other curved blocks in 2019: Blue Onion and Metro Medallion blocks. I plan to finish quilts with both of these blocks in 2020. I also hope to make a Fizzy block quilt next year as well and some Drunkard’s Path Sunflower placemats/table runner.


I am such a fan of Rebecca of Bryan House Quilts and have learned so much about color and quilt design from being part of her Playful Color Quilt Guild. Rebecca is a master of both color gradation and modern triangles—two of my favorite things in the world! I started her 2019 Stargazer Block of the Month (which is an awesome modern triangle quilt where I have used some of my favorite Kona solids ) and just have the last couple months to finish before that quilt is complete. It’s very similar to one that Rebecca shows in her 2019 Finished Quilts post though I have substituted some purple solids where she used green solids. I truly want to make Rebecca’s absolutely gorgeous Murmuration quilt, but first I am going to make some Murmuration pillow shams for my bed. I hope to finish my Stargazer quilt and make these pillow shams early in 2020. And in January Rebecca’s Solstice 2020 Block of the Month (another beautiful triangle quilt) is going to start, and I am totally on board! I will be making the Solstice Monochromatic version, but shockingly NOT in the teal colorway shown in Rebecca’s mock-up. I feel that I need more blue in my Christmas decor to add some depth and balance, and I’m going to add in some metallic silver to amp up the Christmas glitz!

Donation Blocks and Quilts

One of the things that I love about the quilting community is how generous and supportive quilters are, and I’m happy to make my own small contributions. In 2020 I plan to make more blocks for Kat & Cat Quilts Covered in Love project. I would also like to donate another Mercyful quilt to benefit the Mercy Hospital Hospice program.

More Mini Quilts/Pillows

I love the precision and interesting angles that can be created through paper-piecing, but it can be very time consuming and at times extremely fiddly especially when joining sections together. That said, there are some small projects I hope to accomplish in 2020 including Quilting Jetgirl’s Sparkler Mini Quilt and a rainbow mini, and possibly a squirrel or bird mini.

Less Fiddly/More Bang for my Buck

I definitely want to add some projects to my 2020 quilting projects that aren’t super fiddly and come together relatively quickly. One such project is a high school graduation quilt for my great-nephew, Hayden, where the piecing will be simple but the fabrics and quilting motif will be the essential components of the quilt. More on that in months to come! Another fairly easy quilt to make will be the Halloween Tic Tac Cat Quilt by Polkadot Chair. I was even able to track down that cool (but creepy) wide border fabric. I think that Halloween throw will look great in my office!

Christmas Quilts

I definitely want to make more Christmas quilts. Some possibilities are Gingiber’s Merriment and Merrily quilts and a Christmas Ripples Quilt using an adorable Winter Woodland charm pack. 

Linking up to Quilting Jetgirl’s 2020 Planning Party.

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Medallion Lantern Blocks Completed!

My main goal for December (besides trying to keep my sanity!) was to finish my Metro Medallion blocks for the queen-size Medallion Lantern quilt I’m making for my stepson, Drew. This project has consumed my life lately! And it’s all I’ve been blogging about lately. I promise that will change soon! My friend, Roseanne, with Home Sewn By Us is hosting this week’s Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday linky party. I am thrilled to join TGIFF today as I have FINALLY finished all the blocks for Drew’s Medallion Lantern quilt including sewing on the gold triangles to form diamonds in the grey lanterns (please see my To-Do Tuesday #18 Weekly Progress Update post for all more details). Diann with Little Penguin Quilts commented that the diamonds look like lights in the lanterns. I love that description!

I have sewn the blocks together for Row 1 which is shown in the middle of the pic below. I have placed the blocks for the other rows above and below the sewn row (not in any particular order).

The photo above doesn’t show my favorite gold and silver blocks that I shared in my post on Tuesday. Here they are one more time in the bottom row below:

I will also be linking up to Elm Street Quilts: One Monthly Goal when Patty opens that linky party next week.

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To-Do Tuesday #18 Weekly Progress Update

I am joining the weekly To-Do Tuesday Linky Party hosted by my friend, Roseanne, at Home Sewn By Us. I find goal-setting to be extremely helpful to get more accomplished, and since I’m always trying to get one more project done, I’m all for a little extra push and/or encouragement.

To-Do for the week of December 10th-December 16th:

  1. Make more Medallion Lantern blocks using the Metro Medallion pattern and hopefully finish making the last 10 blocks. – √ Done

To-Do #1

Even though I gave myself an out in my last To-Do post in case I hit a wall and couldn’t finish making the last 10 Medallion Lantern blocks, I did indeed get them finished by early Saturday afternoon, but you will have to take my word on that. It didn’t make any sense to take photos of these blocks as they were all duplicates of blocks I’ve previously made for this project. Because these blocks are fairly large (13 1/2” X 16 1/2” unfinished), and I’ve made 42 of them, they won’t easily fit on my design boards, especially since I have closed off my back room to keep the house warmer. I tried to use my full-size bed pinning the blocks that didn’t fit on the bed to the sides and end, but I really couldn’t get a good overall look. So I took photos of all the different blocks and printed them up at Walgreen’s using a 50% online coupon including duplicates of some blocks and triplicates of two different blocks. I then pasted a small fabric swatch in the center of each photo, and then pinned them on my design board along with one of the actual blocks. I found this method of designing easy and quite useful, and the “blocks” were re-arranged several times. They were re-arranged another time or two after the photo below was taken.

The next step was for my best friend, Mary, and I to decide on the fabrics that we wanted to use on the corners of each block that form diamonds in the lighter grey background fabric lanterns. We ended up opting for a simple repeating pattern using yellow gold triangles and triangles made from a more matte gold fabric. I got the triangles cut early Sunday and started sewing them on the corners of the blocks. Below is a pic that shows 9 of the blocks with the alternating colored triangles sewn on them:

To-Do for the week of December 17th through December 23rd

  1. Finish sewing triangles on the corners of the Medallion Lantern blocks.
  2. Start sewing the blocks into rows.
  3. Finish writing my 2020 Quilting Goals post to join the #2020PlanningParty hosted by my friend, Yvonne, at Quilting Jetgirl. You might want to join in because she has lots of prizes available from several different sponsors. I really enjoy the process of looking back on the past year and prioritizing what I want to accomplish quilting-wise in the coming year.

Linking up to Home Sewn By Us: To-Do Tuesday Linky 19.

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To-Do Tuesday #17 Weekly Progress Update

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To-Do Tuesday #16 Weekly Progress Update

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December ‘19 OMG

My December ‘19 One Monthly Goal is to make 28 more blocks for the Medallion Lanterns queen-size quilt I am making for my stepson, Drew, using the Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Medallion pattern.  The color palette that I am using for this quilt is grey, taupe, black, silver, gold, and maroon. The background fabric is a luscious Cloud 9 Cirrus Solid in Shadow. The dark grey borders around the lanterns are made from Essex linen in Charcoal. The print fabrics for the lanterns are a combination of fabrics from my stash (some of which I wish I had bought more way back when!) as well as fabrics I’ve been ordering the past few months. I’m using 21 different fabrics two times each in this quilt. Below are the 14 blocks I have sewn so far:

I anticipate in January I will be sewing triangles on the corners of the blocks to form diamonds in the centers of the light grey lanterns (see link to pattern above to see what I’m talking about!), but I will wait to do that until I have all 42 blocks sewn for this quilt top.

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: Dec ‘19 OMG.

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