Feathers Quilt Finished!

Yesterday I finished the Feathers quilt for my niece, Kim. The pattern is by Alison Glass, and it is a fairly easy paper-pieced pattern, though I did modify a couple of the blocks that were giving me some trouble (see my September ‘18 OMG post for more information about this modification). Below is a photo of the finished quilt on my bed, and considering it was taken inside, I think it does a decent job of showing the beautiful Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabric colors thanks to strategic placing of a couple Ott lights.

Here is a pic of the quilt top taken in my friend’s sun room with a lot of natural light, and the colors don’t look all that different.

Feathers Quilt

The photo below shows the back of the quilt which is pieced from several Alison Glass Art Theory in Charcoal panels:

ThreadBear did the custom quilting on this quilt. I had the idea of parallel grey quilting lines on the feathers, and colorful diamonds in a coordinating color on the wide sashing strips. Then we agreed that the narrow sashing strips would have two lines of quilting also coordinating with the colors of the adjacent feathers. None of the photos I took do a good job of highlighting the quilting, but the pic below best shows some of the different colors of thread in the quilting.

Yesterday I wrote a Quilt Label Tutorial post and was happy with how the label turned out for this quilt. However, last evening something made me look at the label on this quilt, and I have to say I was momentarily horrified that I had typed “Feather” rather than “Feathers” on the quilt label. But then I decided that it just isn’t that big of a deal. I will explain to my niece that if she wants to read posts about her quilt that she should look for Feathers Quilt posts.

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Quilt Label Tutorial

Today I am entering my Quilt Label Tutorial in the Fall 2018 Tips and Tutorials Festival hosted by Yvonne@Quilting Jetgirl and Cheryl@ Meadow Mist Designs. Since I started quilting four years ago, I have attached labels to most of my quilts, but some of them have been an eyesore on the back of the quilt. Awhile back I ran across Pat Sloans Triangle Label Tutorial and modified it to use with Ink Jet Fabric Sheets. I like the look of these labels and think they provide a place for information about the quilt in a relatively subtle manner. I’m still refining this process, but today I’m going to share what I have learned so far about making triangular ink jet labels.


The quilt label above is for a quilt I just finished today which I will blog about soon. Below I have outlined the steps to make a label similar to mine:

  • First you need to figure out what you want to type on the label. Sometimes I center my text, but I find I can fit more information when my text is left-aligned as above.
  • Using some kind of word processing program (I used Google Docs), press the Enter key on the keyboard of your computer several times until you are a little over 5” down and then tab over about 3 1/2”. Then type in the info for your label, keeping about a 2 1/2” right margin.
  • I recommend printing a practice label on regular printer paper, and then place a 5 1/2” ruler “on point” with the black diagonal line even with the top line of text with some space between the text and the diagonal line. Try to center the exact middle of the ruler (depicted with two crossing white lines with a circle in the exact center) with the center of the longest line of text. Trace all around the ruler, but you don’t need to include the dotted line I drew in the second photo below. I drew it to show the fold line.



If the paper label looks good, print the label using an Inkjet Fabric Sheet. To keep the ink from smearing when washing the quilt, spray the label with Scotchguard Fabric protector. I let the label dry overnight or at least a few hours.

After the label is dry, I peel off the waxy paper on the back, and the trace my 5 1/2” ruler on point as I did on the practice paper label and use my rotary cutter to trim the label to a diamond shape. I fold the label in half, and usually it is slightly uneven:


I then trim each side of the label at least 3/8” from the edge of the text on each side of the label:


Sometimes I just sew the plain white triangle on my quilt, but it looks nicer with a border sewn to the top of the label. Below is how I finished the label for my Feathers quilt:

  • Cut a strip of fabric at least 1 1/4” by 8 1/4”. I like to use the same fabric that I used for the binding.
  • Fold over the edge 3/8” and press down the fold. I prefer using the Clover Hot Ruler, but the Dritz EZY-HEM ruler has a clearer marking for 3/8”, so that’s what I used when making the top border for this quilt label. Be forewarned. The metal ruler below can get very HOT when using it to press a folded edge!


Next I trimmed the strip with the folded edge to 3/4”:


I then applied a little bit of glue with a glue stick and centered the raw edge of the strip pictured above on the top of the white triangle label (with the folded side up), using a couple pins to ensure the strips stayed put,  and sewed the strip to the label using a 1/4” seam (sorry, I forgot to take a photo of this step). Below is a pic of the label with the strip sewn on:


I then trimmed the ends of the strip off even with triangle:


I used a combination of glue and pins to secure the label to the back of the quilt (again no photo!). Below is a pic of the label after I machine-stitched the binding onto the back of the quilt.


Before I start hand-stitching the binding to the front of my quilt, I always hand-stitch the border on the top of the label to the back of the quilt. If I were to try machine-stitching my binding on both the back and front of the quilt, I would sew a border on all three sides of the white triangle label.

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Nov ‘18 OMG

For the first time in awhile, I am planning to finish only one project for my monthly goal. I am making a Christmas patchwork cover for my cutting mat. Below are the 54 squares that are 4.5” each.


I plan to simply quilt it and get it bound this month, so it can be part of the holiday decor in my bedroom/quilting studio. Of course I will be working on other things, but this time of year, a lot of sewing is secret sewing. I’m sure many of you can relate!

I’m wondering who else is working on holiday projects this month?

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Christmas Baubles Mini Quilt


I just posted yesterday about this Christmas Baubles Mini Quilt in my Oct 2018 OMG Finishes post, but then two things happened. I woke up to a couple inches of snow this morning and thought this mini quilt was just made for snow quilt photography, and I had a question that I forgot to ask my blog readers. I want to know what marking tool you use to mark lines for quilting on fabric that is predominately white. I think some of you might respond that you use a Hera marker (which I have but could not find Sunday when I quilted this mini), and because I generally use 100% cotton low loft batting, I have found that the lines that I make with the Hera marker tend to quickly disappear. I ended up using masking tape to mark my lines which worked okay but definitely is not the best marking solution.

So if you use the Hera marker, what kind of batting do you use? And if you use something besides the Hera marker for white or whitish fabric, what marking tool works best for you?

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Oct 2018 OMG Finishes

I’m glad this month has 31 days because I needed almost all of them to get both of my Oct ‘18 OMG projects finished. First up is my Floating Hexagons quilt that was a pattern test for Sarah Goer Quilts. Please see my Oct ‘18 OMG post for all details. Many of you know that quilt photography is a challenge for me, but since yesterday was such a beautiful day, I drove to one of the local parks and took pictures on the steps of the plaza pavilion. I think they turned out fairly decently and certainly shows the truer colors of the Kona Cerise and Berry better than my inside pic in my post above.


I’m so happy with the quilting that Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting did (and shout out to Sarah Goer for suggesting the diagonal plaid quilting motif).


I used Alison Glass’ Pearl in Cerise fabric for both the back and the binding, and I really like how it turned out. On the front, the narrow binding gives just a hint of a contrasting splash of color, and on the back, the binding and backing fabric appear to blend seamlessly (at least in my humble opinion!).


I have finally figured out what works best for me as far attaching a label to my quilts though I am still refining the process. The close-up of the label below is a little off center, but I think I’ve figured out how to easily get it centered, and I’m planning to write a quilt label tutorial for the Fall 2018 Tips and Tutorials Festival hosted by Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl and Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs.


The other project I finished for my October One Monthly Goal is the Christmas Baubles Quilt by Jen Daly for Moda Bake Shop. I shamelessly used the same Kate Spain Jingle fabric that Jen used (that I purchased in 2015) and also quilted my mini quilt in the same manner as Jen, though the lines that she used to outline the tree are definitely straighter than mine! In the photo below that I took this morning, this mini quilt that measures 18” x 24” looks as big as the shed behind it! I was trying to get a Christmasy look by attaching it with clear binding clips to a pine tree in my yard.


I took another photo at lunch time on my portable design wall with a 6” x 24” ruler next to it. The back door was open, so the indoor light isn’t too bad with this pic:


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Four Years of Quilting


I took my first quilting class in October 2014, and I had no idea what a life-changer that class would be for me. Quilting has become my main de-stressor, and it has been so satisfying to make hand-crafted projects for my family and friends (and me too!) In May 2015 I decided that I wanted to blog about my quilting adventures, so I joined a New Quilt Blogger’s Facebook group and wrote my first post entitled The Beginning.

In September 2015 I wrote a Quilty Bucket List post about quilts that I wanted to make. Three years later there are some quilts on that list that I may make, but my quilting preferences and tastes have definitely changed in the last three years. One quilt that is on that list from three years ago is the Alison Glass Feathers quilt top which I finished last month and am waiting to get it back from my local quilt store, ThreadBear (see my Sept ‘18 OMG Finishes post for more info about this quilt top). But what has changed is that I actually bought a Feathers quilt kit from ThreadBear a couple years ago that had a variety of prints in it, and by the time I was ready to start making this quilt this summer, I wanted to use solids, not prints. I debated for awhile if I wanted to use Kona solids which are my go-to solids but decided on the Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabrics which are absolutely beautiful though they definitely fray more than Kona solids.

The photo at the top of this post shows a project that is definitely reflective of my current quilting tastes and preference for solids. I am in the process of making two Teal/Turquoise Whirl pillow shams to go with the Wedding Whirl quilt that I made for my stepdaughter and her new wife.


Since this is my four year anniversary of quilting, I thought I’d recap some of my favorite quilts I’ve made in the last four years. Tap or hover (depending on your device) on the photos to see the name of the quilt. Posts about these quilts can be viewed through the search box or tags on the right side of my blog posts.

Squares & Rectangles

Like most quilters, I was most comfortable sewing squares and rectangles when I first started quilting, and I still like the look of simple patchwork especially with bright colors. Below is a mosaic of quilts that feature squares and rectangles.


About a year into my quilting adventure, I felt ready to tackle triangles, and there’s been no looking back! I’ve definitely made over 1,000 half-square triangles (HSTs) and a fair amount of corner triangles. Below are some of my favorite quilts that have triangles as an integral part of the design:

Animals—Elizabeth Hartman Patterns

Not long after I had a little experience making triangles , I discovered Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns. She is a quilt designing genius. Three of the projects below are from her Fancy Forest pattern, and then there is the Dogs in Sweaters quilt that I named Slinky’s Friends that I made for my niece, Mary Frances, and it is one of my all-time favorites especially because of the awesome custom long-arm quilting that Michael at ThreadBear did on this quilt.

Here’s a pic of my niece’s dog, Slinky, just waking up snuggled under her (and his) Slinky’s Friends quilt.


Paper Piecing

Who woulda guessed? I have become SUCH a fan of paper piecing. I first tried paper piecing in 2016, and initially it was frustrating to me at because of the mirror image nature of paper piecing. I started to really like paper piecing when I participated in a guild activity where we were challenged to make a project out of a quilted word. I found the free LOVE pattern below by Diane Bohn of From Blank Pages in February 2017, and something clicked when working on that project which I turned into the pillow below. My confidence in paper piecing has increased so much that I wrote the Five Tips to Decrease Paper-Piecing Stress post in June 2018.

Color Gradient Projects

My latest focus in quilting has been on quilting projects that have a color gradient element which is explained in detail in my 2018 Mid Year Review post where I wrote about my evolution with color design.

And One Very Special Quilt

Coming full circle from the start of my quilting journey is the quilt below that is a collaboration between my mother, my sister, and me (over a period of 20 plus years) which I blogged about in my Bow Tie Quilt Finished post. I love the pic on the right that has my sister’s dog, Zoey, and her grand-dog, Slinky on it.

What’s Next

Definitely more color gradient projects—the Dimension in Dusk Quilt is absolutely calling my name. The paper-pieced Prism Quilt is also on my 2019 to-do list. I hope to make the Harlequin quilt by Robin Pickens next year which is a half-rectangle quilt. My favorite version of this quilt is by Saija Kiiskinen. I would like to make one JUST LIKE HERS, but I think I will make it with the same fabric that I used to make my great-niece Rachel’s Mazes Quilt (the Imprint fabric collection by Katarina Roccella). I would also like to make a Temperature Quilt similar to this one by Needled Mom. I don’t know what else I will make next year, but I am sure it will be fun!!!

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2018 Qtr 4 Finish-A-Long Goals

Wow! I can’t believe we are already in the last quarter of 2018! As much as I’m not a fan of the decreasing daylight in the Western Hemisphere, I do like this time of year to start preparing for the holidays. Although I love seeing all the Halloween and Fall projects on Bloglovin’, Pinterest, and Instagram, my all-time favorite holiday is Christmas, and you will see at the end of this post three fairly simple Christmas projects that I am planning to complete this quarter. But first things first, my number one priority is to finish my Alison Glass Feathers Quilt that is at my local quilt store in the queue to be quilted. I’ve promised my niece, Kim, that she will receive it before the end of the year.


The Feathers quilt is the only project that I am carrying over from my 2018 Qtr 3 FAL Goals. I still plan to accomplish the last three goals on that list but just not this coming quarter. Like so many other quilters, I could definitely use more hours in the day!

Next up is the project that I’m pretty darn certain will be finished this month which is my Floating Hexagons Quilt. The pattern is by Sarah Goer Quilts. Check out my Floating Hexagons Pattern Test post to learn more about this project. I am at the hand-stitching-down-the-binding stage which is a perfect activity to do while I watch MLB playoffs!


My step-daughter and her new wife received their Wedding Whirl wedding present last week, and I am happy to report that they are thrilled with it, so much that they have put in on their bed even though at 60” X 80”, it really isn’t a bed-size quilt. However, with a nice duvet or plain comforter underneath it, it will work just fine. For Christmas, they have requested two coordinating pillow shams featuring a teal/turquoise whirl on each pillow which is my third goal for this quarter. In the cropped photo below, I will be replacing all the purple and orange half-square triangles with Kona medium grey squares/rectangles and will add a larger than necessary medium grey border. My plan is to make the two teal/turquoise whirls one on top of the other with an oversized border in between and then send them to Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting to quilt with the same Splash of Love motif as she used with Wedding Whirl. I will then cut them into 20” x 26” rectangles and turn them into pillow shams using the same teal Longitude Batik print as is on the back of the Wedding Whirl quilt.


Christmas Projects

I have made a start on two of the Christmas projects that I plan to finish this quarter. I like to decorate my quilting area with Christmas decorations since I spend so much of my time working on quilting projects. Below are 54 squares that I will use to make a simple patchwork 24.5” X 36.5” Christmas cutting mat cover.


The 22 2.5” squares pictured below along with white-on-white snowflake background pieces (not pictured) are going to be used to make a Christmas Baubles Mini Quilt. I still need to cut out the pieced border.


I will be making a Penguin Party pillow using Elizabeth Hartman’s pattern to add to my holiday decor using the plaid black and white fabric pictured below along with Kona black, white, medium grey, and a little scrap of gold or orange for the nose.


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