Comfort Quilt Finished and Gifted

I realized a couple days ago that I hadn’t written a post yet about finishing the comfort quilt for Kathy, who is the sister of my best friend, Mary. Kathy tragically lost her 49-year-old daughter, Sandra, to a stroke in June. Sandra was an extremely vivacious person who loved life, especially after she became involved in Christian ministry in her 30s. Mary and I designed this quilt together. The first part she wanted to include was the “God Rays” which I free-style paper-pieced on 11 x 17 sheets of copy paper.

The bright sun in the above photo washed out the center Angel panel. Below is a pic that more clearly shows the beautiful angel. I actually like how the narrow yellow sashing arches over the angel.

We also included two cookie cutter angels using a pattern by Amy@ During Quiet Time, two half-square triangle crosses, and a country style church (pattern purchased on Etsy). Amy of Amy’s Creative Side did the quilting even faster than her typically quick turn-around, so that we could send this finished quilt off to Kathy as soon as possible. I’m happy to report that Kathy loves the quilt and is considering framing it. At 52” x 53”, it would make a fairly large piece of wall art!

Linking up to Meadow Mists Designs Favorite Finish Monthly Link-up July 2019, and I will also be linking up to the 2019 Finish-A-Long linky party in October as this is one of my 2019 3rd Quarter Finish-A-Long goals.

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August ‘19 OMG

My August ‘19 One Monthly Goal is to finish my Tranquility quilt top. That is the name I have chosen to give my adaptation of Robin Picken’s Harlequin Quilt. I purchased the PDF at her Etsy shop, but she now sells both the PDF and paper pattern at the shop on her website. I chose to create paper-pieced templates rather than using a plastic template for cutting out the shapes or a triangle ruler. And I did not follow Robin’s pattern exactly. Except for the borders, my placement of the half-rectangle triangle blocks was more random. I added two more columns and one more row, but using her pattern and Saija Kiiskinen’s lovely take on the Harlequin quilt for inspiration, I was able to come up with a workable design that features the same fabric collection that Saija used, Loved to Pieces by Mr. Domestic, though I used different coordinating Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements solids (Tile Blue, Cozumel Blue, Fresh Water, and Zambia Stone). It will be a good size quilt at 75”x76” that I will use on my full-size bed. Below is a pic of the blocks I have sewn into partial rows. It shows 11 of the 19 total columns and 5 of total 11 rows. I’m definitely liking how this project is shaping up.

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: August ‘18 OMG.

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July ‘19 OMG Finish

My July 2019 One Monthly Goal was to finish my Vertices quilt top.

I wanted to love it for so many reasons!

  • It is made with a wonderful fabric collection, Loved to Pieces, designed by Mr. Domestic.
  • My favorite colors of turquoise, teal, and aqua  are prominently featured in the quilt top.
  • The fabrics are all Art Gallery Fabrics with their luxurious feel.
  • I stretched my paper-piecing skills by drawing out different equilateral triangle templates (some from Melody Miller’s Cotton+Steel Picnic quilt pattern) on graph paper and then sewing on the photocopies.
  • I used my light tablet for the first time to place a tricky inner piece of one kind of equilateral triangle.

But when I laid out blocks on my bed, the layout felt too chaotic to me. So I decided to add light green sashing/borders to insert some calmness and order.

Which I think it did, but I just wasn’t crazy about it. That night as I was lying in bed feeling “twired” (you’ve probably heard of this “new” feeling—tired but still wired—unfortunately a feeling I experience more often than I would like), I realized that the quilt I REALLY wanted for my bed is a version of Robin Pickens’ half-rectangle triangle Harlequin quilt which is inspired by Saija Kiiskinen’s take on the Harlequin quilt using Mr. Domestic’s Loved to Pieces fabric collection. I absolutely love Saija’s version (See her quilt here) but decided that I wanted my quilt’s irregular triangular borders to be made with solids featured in the quilt: Pure Elements Tile Blue, Fresh Water, and Cozumel Blue.

The next day I photographed my Vertices quilt top and put it away. I think I will finish it next year for a donation quilt.

I bet you all can guess what my August One Monthly Goal will be!

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2019 Qtr 3 Finish-A-Long Goals

I have several new goals for the third quarter of 2019. First up is my Vertices quilt that uses fabric from the Loved to Pieces collection by Mr. Domestic along with coordinating solids. For the last couple months I’ve been working on equilateral triangle blocks for this quilt. When I laid out the blocks on my bed to arrange them, the overall effect felt chaotic to me, so I made a design change. I’m not going to add half-rectangle blocks to the beginning and end of each row. Instead I’m going to use light green sashing and borders to insert some order.

My second planned project is to make a much calmer complementary half-rectangle block throw-size quilt to my Vertices quilt that also uses Loved to Pieces fabrics and some of the half-rectangle blocks I’ve already made:

In keeping with the turquoise color scheme, I’m going to make the following projects:

3) A Sparkler Mini using the pattern that Yvette@Quilting Jetgirl wrote for the Summer Sampler 2019. Below are my fabric choices for this project (Jade Green, Capri, Aqua, and White):

4) I’m going to use similar solids for a baby-sized quilt using Kristi@Initial K Studio’s Reflection pattern. The fabrics will be Sea Glass (on order), Aqua, Azure, Capri, and White.

5) I have yet another project on my to-do list that will use leftover Loved to Pieces fabrics and possibly some of the solids pictured above. It is a baby-sized “kitty” quilt for my cat, Bug, using Jaybird Quilts’ Alphabet Soup Bonus Pattern: Name Quilt. I have the book and the specialty rulers, and I think this will be a fun project to make.

6) And last but definitely not least, I will finish the comfort quilt pictured below for a friend who tragically lost her daughter last month:

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2019 Finish-A-Long Qtr 2 Finishes

I had a productive second quarter of 2019 and finished all the projects on my proposed 2019 Qtr 2 Finish-A-Long Goals list except I lost all interest in making a Wedding Whirl Mini. I have blogged about all my finishes except one which is my Meadowland Quilt that I finished binding in mid-June. This 64” X 80” quilt features one of favorite fabric collections, Imprint, by Katarina Roccella. I currently have it on my bed until I finish my Vertices quilt.

My first 2019 Qtr 2 finishes were my Travel Trailer Pillows (Blogged about here ).

The Secret Project listed in my 2nd Quarter Goals was a Dog Adoption Celebration quilt (Blogged about here ). I love the photo below of Ishwa. He is such an intelligent and friendly boy.

In May I finally finished one of my all-time favorite projects, my Rainbow Autumn Chain Quilt (Blogged about here ).

I also finished the Camping Quilt in May that I hand-delivered to my brother and sister-in-law in California (Blogged about here ).

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July 2019 OMG

My July 2019 One Monthly Goal is to finish my Vertices quilt top. Please see my June ‘19 OMG post for more information about this project. Below are two photos of the 55 blocks I have done so far, that will be totally rearranged in the final layout:

My first task this month will be to make more half-rectangle triangle blocks, both in the colorful Love to Pieces fabrics as well as white, light grey, and medium grey HRTs that will form a border of sorts between the colorful triangle blocks and the eventual binding.

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June ‘19 OMG Finish

My June ‘19 One Monthly Goal was to make 50 more equilateral triangle blocks for my version of Melody Miller’s Cotton+Steel Picnic Quilt. I have included one other equilateral triangle block not included in the Picnic quilt. I recalled my 10th grade Geometry class and remembered the equilateral triangle bisected down the middle forming two right triangles. Below are two pics of the 55 blocks I’ve made so far arranged by type of block but certainly not how they will be arranged in the finished quilt:

I’m now referring to this project as my Vertices Quilt. I think I have enough of the larger blocks and am now focusing on making more half-rectangle triangle blocks. I hope to get this quilt finished in time to enjoy it this summer.

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: June ‘19 OMG Finishes.

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