2019 Qtr 3 Finish-A-Long Goals

I have several new goals for the third quarter of 2019. First up is my Vertices quilt that uses fabric from the Loved to Pieces collection by Mr. Domestic along with coordinating solids. For the last couple months I’ve been working on equilateral triangle blocks for this quilt. When I laid out the blocks on my bed to arrange them, the overall effect felt chaotic to me, so I made a design change. I’m not going to add half-rectangle blocks to the beginning and end of each row. Instead I’m going to use light green sashing and borders to insert some order.

My second planned project is to make a much calmer complementary half-rectangle block throw-size quilt to my Vertices quilt that also uses Loved to Pieces fabrics and some of the half-rectangle blocks I’ve already made:

In keeping with the turquoise color scheme, I’m going to make the following projects:

3) A Sparkler Mini using the pattern that Yvette@Quilting Jetgirl wrote for the Summer Sampler 2019. Below are my fabric choices for this project (Jade Green, Capri, Aqua, and White):

4) I’m going to use similar solids for a baby-sized quilt using Kristi@Initial K Studio’s Reflection pattern. The fabrics will be Sea Glass (on order), Aqua, Azure, Capri, and White.

5) I have yet another project on my to-do list that will use leftover Loved to Pieces fabrics and possibly some of the solids pictured above. It is a baby-sized “kitty” quilt for my cat, Bug, using Jaybird Quilts’ Alphabet Soup Bonus Pattern: Name Quilt. I have the book and the specialty rulers, and I think this will be a fun project to make.

6) And last but definitely not least, I will finish the comfort quilt pictured below for a friend who tragically lost her daughter last month:

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2019 Finish-A-Long Qtr 2 Finishes

I had a productive second quarter of 2019 and finished all the projects on my proposed 2019 Qtr 2 Finish-A-Long Goals list except I lost all interest in making a Wedding Whirl Mini. I have blogged about all my finishes except one which is my Meadowland Quilt that I finished binding in mid-June. This 64” X 80” quilt features one of favorite fabric collections, Imprint, by Katarina Roccella. I currently have it on my bed until I finish my Vertices quilt.

My first 2019 Qtr 2 finishes were my Travel Trailer Pillows (Blogged about here ).

The Secret Project listed in my 2nd Quarter Goals was a Dog Adoption Celebration quilt (Blogged about here ). I love the photo below of Ishwa. He is such an intelligent and friendly boy.

In May I finally finished one of my all-time favorite projects, my Rainbow Autumn Chain Quilt (Blogged about here ).

I also finished the Camping Quilt in May that I hand-delivered to my brother and sister-in-law in California (Blogged about here ).

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July 2019 OMG

My July 2019 One Monthly Goal is to finish my Vertices quilt top. Please see my June ‘19 OMG post for more information about this project. Below are two photos of the 55 blocks I have done so far, that will be totally rearranged in the final layout:

My first task this month will be to make more half-rectangle triangle blocks, both in the colorful Love to Pieces fabrics as well as white, light grey, and medium grey HRTs that will form a border of sorts between the colorful triangle blocks and the eventual binding.

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June ‘19 OMG Finish

My June ‘19 One Monthly Goal was to make 50 more equilateral triangle blocks for my version of Melody Miller’s Cotton+Steel Picnic Quilt. I have included one other equilateral triangle block not included in the Picnic quilt. I recalled my 10th grade Geometry class and remembered the equilateral triangle bisected down the middle forming two right triangles. Below are two pics of the 55 blocks I’ve made so far arranged by type of block but certainly not how they will be arranged in the finished quilt:

I’m now referring to this project as my Vertices Quilt. I think I have enough of the larger blocks and am now focusing on making more half-rectangle triangle blocks. I hope to get this quilt finished in time to enjoy it this summer.

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Quilty Inspiration

Earlier this week, I saw an Instagram post by @mgjbtx_quilts that absolutely resonated with me. The post’s bold graphic stated, “Here’s to Those Who Inspire Us and Don’t Even Know It.” I plan to post on Instagram and will tag the people who have been so inspiring to me in my quilting/blogging journey that started 4 1/2 years ago. But I knew that I needed to write a blog post as well that can include a few more details.


I first need to recognize some of my mentors who helped me learn about quilt blogging when I joined a New Quilt Bloggers Group in 2015. Being a member of this group also stretched my quilting and design skills as we were encouraged to write online tutorials about blocks that we designed that eventually were sewn into quilts by our mentors to donate to charities. A big shout-out goes to:

After I started to acquire elementary quilting skills through taking a Beginner’s Quilting Class in October 2014 at my local quilt store, ThreadBear, I spent hundreds of hours online reading quilting tutorials and then in 2016, I was lucky enough to take classes at QuiltCon from Jeni Baker and Amy Smart. Their websites are listed below:


Online Quilting Bees

I also joined two online quilting bees in 2016, Stash Bee and The Bee Hive. Alyce Blyth is the creator of The Bee Hive, and she designed 13 of the 25 block tutorials and asked other talented quilters to design the other 12 blocks. The beauty of the all these blocks is that they create wonderful secondary designs when the blocks are sewn together. I participated in The Bee Hive again in 2018 as well as this year, and my piecing skills have improved immensely from sewing many of the Bee Hive blocks.

Paper Piecing

Back in 2016 was when I first started paper piecing when a few Bee Hive queen bees chose paper-pieced blocks. I hated paper piecing at first, and it totally STRESSED me out! But my swarm-mate and friend, Linda, at @sew4sanity gave me a lot of encouragement and pointers which helped me get the blocks made. I turned a major corner in my opinion of paper piecing when I decided to try making the free LOVE pillow pattern by Diane of From Blank Pages. I had read several paper piecing tutorials by then, and I took my time, and by the time I finished the pillow, I kinda sorta liked paper piecing. But the project that made me a paper piecing convert was the Summer Sampler 2017. This sampler quilt program with weekly block tutorials was organized by Lee Heinrich, Faith Jones, and Katie Blakesley (who also co-wrote one of my favorite quilting books, Vintage Quilt Revival). They designed many of the blocks, but other quilters also designed some of the blocks. I learned about using a basting stitch to ensure that paper-pieced sections were properly aligned from Holly of Bijou Lovely who designed the Celestial Star block for the Summer Sampler 2017. And Lee shared a post about piecing tricky angles. Both of these tips immensely improved my paper piecing and gave me the confidence to try more intermediate paper piecing patterns designed by Kid Giddy, The Tartankiwi, and Lillyella. Most recently I read this very informative Instagram post by Emily @lemonyquilts on using an inexpensive light tablet for intricate paper piecing and have used one a few times with my current Vertices project.


I have learned so much from other quilters about color. These days I’m really drawn to transparency and color gradient designs, but many other palettes are also pleasing to my eye. Just this past week I finished binding my Meadowland quilt with its rich palette of teal, turquoise, mustard, navy, and dark/light grey. Here are some of my favorite color masters:

Quilting Collaborators

These days I do very little of my own quilting except for pillows, placemats, and table runners. I have a few longarm quilters that I enjoy collaborating with who are listed below, but I want to give special recognition to my friend, Roseanne, at Home Sewn By Us who did such an awesome job free motion quilting my Random Intention quilt in January. And recently Roseanne posted a great tutorial for spiral quilting using a walking foot that I may just have to try someday. In addition to ThreadBear, who have superbly quilted many of my projects, I have been thrilled with the quilting results of these longarm quilters:


As all quilters know, binding is the last task we have to do before we have a totally finished project (or facing which I have yet to try). I haven’t had much success with machine binding my quilts, so I’m in the hand-stitching camp of quilt binders, after I machine-stitch the binding to the front of my quilt. I have a favorite binding tutorial that I always refer to when joining my binding strips at the end. I have even taken screen shots of the pictures in case my internet is down when I’m at this crucial step! I have not taken the time to properly thank Megan@ Canoe Ridge Creations. So thank you, Megan! Her Double Fold Binding Tutorial can be found on her home page.

Quilt Photography

Actually there is an optional final task after binding has been affixed, and that is photographing the quilt. I’ve taken some decent shots of my quilts, but I dream of sending one of finished quilts to Kitty of Night Quilter.

Many Thanks

There are many other people out there who have encouraged, supported, and inspired me in my quilting journey. I really appreciate the generous spirit of the world-wide quilting community, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

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June ‘19 OMG

My June 2019 One Monthly Goal is to make 50 blocks that I will use in a modified version of Melody Miller’s Cotton + Steel Picnic Quilt. I’ve wanted to make a quilt using triangles that are not half-square triangles for awhile now. One of my favorite quilts that I saw online last year was Saija@Saijaelina.blogspot.com’s version of the Harlequin quilt using Mr. Domestic’s Loved to Pieces fabric collection. This quilt exclusively uses half-rectangle square blocks which I like very much, but I’m even more drawn to blocks that have variations of equilateral triangles. The Cotton+Steel Picnic quilt pattern combines half-rectangle squares with two different versions of equilateral triangles (that can each be rotated 180 degrees) which is a big win in my book. The only drawback for me with this pattern is cutting out the triangular pieces using paper templates which I flat-out do NOT like to do. So I drew the half-rectangle and equilateral blocks on graph paper and made copies, so I can make my version using foundation paper-piecing which I like very much. Like Saija, I am using the fabulous Loved to Pieces fabric collection along with some coordinating Pure Elements fabrics, and the finished quilt top will be made from a total of 132 blocks to make a 80” x 84” quilt for my bed. Below is a pic of the first three blocks that I have made:

And here are the two equilateral triangle blocks rotated 180 degrees:

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May ‘19 OMG Finish

My May ‘ 19 One Monthly Goal was to complete the block units for Months 2, 3, and 4 of the Stargazer Block of Month hosted by Rebecca of Bryan House Quilts (see my May ‘19 OMG post for information about this BOM). The units for Months 2 and 4 were straightforward, though I am using foundation paper piecing (FPP) for this project rather than freezer paper piecing as Rebecca has suggested for this project. She uses this method of paper piecing because she really does not like tearing the paper off projects made with the more traditional FPP. I’ve found that getting the tiny pieces of paper that are stuck in the seams when using FPP can be tedious (though tweezers help immensely), but I do not want to have to transfer the pattern over to freezer paper by hand (or pay for rather pricey ink jet printer paper), pre-fold all my seams, or deal with the increased fraying that can occur with freezer paper piecing. Below are the the block units for Months 2 and 4:

But the Month 3 units were more challenging. My least favorite paper-piecing task is sewing sub-units together that have tricky seams to match up, but I almost always first sew them together with a basting stitch, and then if the seams are aligned to my satisfaction, I sew over with a 1.4 stitch length. These sub-units will form Starbuck units, and frankly I was glad that we didn’t have to sew the four sub-unit triangles together this month.

Not everyone is a fan of paper piecing. I sure wasn’t when I first tried it in 2016, but I love all the complex angles that can be created with paper piecing and the increased precision of my piecing. Do you prefer the more traditional foundation paper piecing or is freezer paper piecing more to your liking? Or is paper piecing NOT your thing at all?

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