SAHRR2023 Finished!

I have had a blast participating in the Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) sew-along this year. It’s been fun figuring out how to incorporate each border prompt given to us weekly by six different co-hosts.  And equally fun has been seeing everyone else’s SAHRR projects by so many talented and creative quilters. I used a variety of Alison Glass fabrics from my stash and only had to purchase the purple 2020 Sun Print Stitched fabric for the final border (the color is called Liberty). The finished wall hanging measures about 26″ square. I decided to quilt my project simply using stitch-in-the-ditch quilting with thread that matched each border.

SAHRR 2023 finished

The threads from the center to the binding are: Aurafil 2250 Red, Mettler Orange 594, Aurafil Medium Orange 5009, Aurafil Canary 2120, Aurafil 1125 Medium Teal, Presencia 311 Electric Royal Blue, Presencia 268 Majestic Purple, and Aurafil 1100 Red Plum. I used a cool thread burying tip by @jackiegillies that was super handy for burying really short threads.

For anyone interested, here is a recap of my SAHRR starting with the center block:

For my 2023 Stay at Home Round Robin project, I decided to make a color gradient wall hanging using Alison glass fabrics and coordinating Kona solids. I made the center block with one of my red-orange Alison Glass prints along with Kona Coral and Poppy. I used the center of Kitty Wilkins’s Fierce block which she designed for the 2019 Summer Sampler to help participants strengthen their tiny paper piecing skills. See the complete Fierce block made by Kate@SwimBikeQuilt here. My SAHRR2023 center measured 4.5”square unfinished.

SAHRR2023 center cropped

Roseanne with Home Sewn By Us gave us our first border prompt which was the Spool Block. I paper pieced the tiny strips of “thread” using 1/4″ graph paper. It was about 7″ square after the first border.

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SAHRR2023 first border

Wendy with Pieceful Thoughts gave us our second border prompt which was Stars. I paper-pieced four Sew Tiny Arkansas Stars, pattern by Kitty Wilkin. I added strips of a gold Alison Glass Trinkets fabrics, and with my second border complete, my SAHRR2023 project measured about 9.5″ square.

SAHRR2023 2nd border

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Chris with Chris Knits gave us our third border prompt for the SAHRR2023 which was the Hourglass Block. I opted to just make four hourglass blocks in yellow/green fabrics. With the third border completed, it measured about 13.5″ square.

SAHRR2023 3rd border

Anja with Anja Quilts gave us our  fourth border prompt for the SAHRR2023 which was the Flying Geese. My regular followers are aware that I’ve made my share of flying geese when I made three temperature quilts last year–read about them here. So what was another eight flying geese! With this prompt, I started moving from the warmer colors to the cooler colors  and decided to make eight 1.5″ x 3″ finished flying geese units in turquoise/green fabrics with some gold and yellow accents to tie into the last two borders. With the fourth border completed, it measured about 17″ square.

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SAHRR 4th border

Emily with The Darling Dogwood gave us our  fifth border prompt for the SAHRR2023 which was the square-in-a-square unit. With my fifth border completed, it now measured a little over 20″ square. I had so much fun with this project using some of my favorite Alison Glass fabrics and even repeating her lovely Dwell fabric in Sunshine and Pond to create more balance and places for the eye to rest. And using Alison’s rainbow moons in my square-in-a-square corner blocks just made my day! They are SO perfect for fussy cutting!

SAHRR 2023 Fifth border

Gail at Quilting Gail gave us our last SAHRR2023 border prompt which was the pinwheel block. I used a paper-pieced pinwheel block from EQ8 combining both blue violet and red violet fabrics. And just to reiterate, Alison Glass’ fabrics are SO fun to fussy cut! Below is a close-up of a one of the pinwheel blocks.

Pinwheel block

Linking up to Quilting Gail: SAHRR2023 Quilt Parade.

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9 Responses to SAHRR2023 Finished!

  1. McKenzie Oliver says:

    So pretty, Mary!


  2. You rocked the SAHRR this year! From start to finish, your quilt is beautiful. Definitely one of my favorites!


  3. This turned out to be so bright and fun, Mary! I am sure this beautiful wall art will bring you joy every time you see it. 🙂


  4. KJ says:

    Really pretty.


  5. Super!!! I love AG’s fabrics and they don’t disappoint here. My favorite block is the square in a square with the rainbow moons. That just makes the quilt. Love it!


  6. quiltinggail says:

    Mary, your SAHRR is great! You are dedicated to go and change your quilting thread each round! Thank you for participating in SAHRR ’23 and for linking to the Parade!


  7. rl2b2017 says:

    MARY!! That pinwheel block is sooooooo cool. Dang! With cute blocks like that, you’re going to force me to get better with PP. Your whole quilt project is beyond cool. You did such a nice job with each round, and your fabric choices and placement is fab. I never think to use FGs like that but it really enhances and highlights the center block. Best of all, you have a wonderful finish! Thanks for participating with us. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  8. I love your SAHRR, and I really enjoyed reading about your progress and the way you planned each step. That Sun Print is gorrrrr-geous! I really love your paper pieced pinwheels too, going to have to look at doing that sometime.


  9. knitnkwilt says:

    Your color sense and design use of the prompts kept up through the end for a lovely finsh.


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