Weekly Progress Update #187

To-Do for the week of March 7th-13th:

  1. Quilt and bind my SAHRR2023 project. √Done
  2. Make two more turquoise stars. √Done
  3. Design some simple quilt blocks in EQ8 for a Quilt-As-You-Go project. √Done

To-Do #1

I did get my SAHRR2023 quilted and bound this past. Read details about this wall hanging that finished about 26″ square here.

SAHRR 2023 finished

To-Do #2

I made two more turquoise stars, and as much as I like the look of them, I’m sure glad I’m only planning to use five of them in my Turquoise Star quilt. The paper piecing is fairly easy, but aligning the points is definitely not my favorite piecing activity!

Two turquoise stars one with fresh water

To-Do #3

I recently visited my friend, James, who has a lovely Mid-Century Modern home and was inspired to make a quilt for his 50th birthday in August in a favorite color combination of mustard and grey. I will share more of this project when I post my monthly goal for April, but below are four blocks that I have drafted in EQ8. As of right now, the plan to is to make thirty12-inch blocks in a 5X6 layout using Quilt-As-You-Go technique.

mid century modern quilt with four blocks

To-Do for the week of March 14th-20th:

  1. Cut more on-point squares for my camping quilt.
  2. Make two more turquoise stars.
  3. Share more simple quilt blocks designed in EQ8 for a Quilt-As-You-Go project.

Linking up to Quilt Schmilt: To-Do Tuesday.

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7 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #187

  1. Those stars are striking, I can’t imagine trying to align the points. I love the mustard/gray combo for your friend. I have a wall hanging in my sewing room with those colors, and I love looking at it. You’ve given me an idea for a friend of mine – she is a mid-century modern gal too, and I would love to make her a surprise quilt.


  2. I love the SAHRR, and those turquoise stars are very cool, but I can see where those points would be tricky. A mid century mod quilt will be a fun one!


  3. Bonnie in VA says:

    Your turquoise stars look good but I hear you about matching the points. May your points match perfectly this week.


  4. The Morning Latte says:

    Wow–those stars just jump off the page! Great job! And your SAHRR is wonderfully bold. Well done!


  5. Your SAHRR quilt makes me so happy to see again! 🙂 The turquoise stars look great; lining up the points might not be fun, but you do a great job of it. And what a lovely project and idea for your friend James.


  6. Kat P. says:

    What a pretty finish your SAHRR is! I love the colours, especially the purple border. It finishes it off so nicely.

    Your paper-pieced stars are so precise. Well done!


  7. Oooh! I love the yellow, grey and white drafts of your designs. There’s just something so “clean” about that palette. James will be thrilled when you gift that beauty to him. Your SAHRR is just so bright and cheerful. You had a great week and Im looking forward to seeing what treasures you are working on this week. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.


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