Weekly Progress Update #188

To-Do for the week of March 14th-20th:

  1. Cut more on-point squares for my camping quilt. √Done
  2. Make two more turquoise stars. √Done
  3. Share more simple quilt blocks designed in EQ8 for a Quilt-As-You-Go project. √Done

To-Do #1

I only cut three more on-point camping squares for my Mosaic Story camping quilt I’m planning to make in late summer. It’s been a busy time and will only get busier in the next three months as I have started a secret sewing project that won’t be finished until the end of June. A majority of my time will be devoted to it, so my blog posts will be brief, and I won’t be able to spend as much time reading blog posts. But I will try to sneak in a little blog reading/commenting when I can!

Three more camping squares including cute Spoonflower Hedgehog

To-Do #2

I actually finished my Turquoise Stars quilt top (thanks to the good point-matching vibes you all sent to me, the last two stars went together without a whole lot of unsewing) and I plan to share a pic of the quilt top when I write my March 2023 OMG Finished post. I’m sending off the quilt top to Rebecca Grace Quilting today.

To-Do #3

Below are four more Mid Century Modern blocks that I have drafted in EQ8 to possibly use in the quilt I plan to make for my friend, James, who will be celebrating his 50th birthday in August. I have actually decided today that most likely I will only use a medium and a dark colored mustard fabric in this project because I’m not happy with the lightest mustard fabrics I’ve auditioned thus far, so  I will slightly alter the coloring in the two of the blocks below if I decide to use them. If any of you have a favorite light mustard solid fabric, please let me know in the comments below.

Mid Century modern four more blocks

To-Do for the week of March 21st-27th:

  1. Cut more on-point squares for my camping quilt.
  2. Share more simple quilt blocks designed in EQ8 for a Quilt-As-You-Go project.
  3. Write my March OMG Finish post.

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6 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #188

  1. I am enjoying your camping fussies! Do you have a ruler you use for cutting? Not sure it is mustard, but I like Grunge Moutarde a lot; however it might be too dark for your purposes.


  2. I was going to suggest the same Grunge as Linda, although I agree with her, it might not be what you are looking for. Do you use the app A Quilty Solid (free) you can upload your photo and it will match the colors with fabrics.


  3. The Morning Latte says:

    I like that you are chipping away at that camping quilt even if it’s for later this year. It’ll really fly once you get on it. Good luck on the surprise project! We’ll all be watching for that one to come out later, too!


  4. The squares for the camping quilt are delightful and look like they must be fun to cut and work with. Hooray for getting the last of the star blocks pieced and the quilt top off to Rebecca. I hope you have a great time working on the secret sewing project, and I echo Wendy’s suggestion to maybe look into the A Quilty Solid App.


  5. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Look at you – drawing blocks in EQ8!! Nice job on those and your fussy cutting the camping centers. A secret sewing project that you can’t talk about or share photos of. Clandestine! I’d say don’t worry about visiting/reading/commenting. Life sometimes gets in the way and a deadline has to be met. Good luck with this week’s list. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  6. Mary I am so enjoying seeing the blocks you have drawn in EQ8. Your camping quilt block fabrics are too sweet. You finished your stars? Well done. Sounds like a good week without starting a secret project. Good luck with your list and we will look forward to seeing your posts and reading your comments when you have time. We all can understand that the computer time can take a big chunk out of your day. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Hope your week is going well and you are having some fun finding that “right” yellow.


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