March 2023 OMG

For my March 2023 One Monthly Goal, I am planning to make a Turquoise Star quilt using five stars from Lee Heinrich’s Chevron Star pattern. At one time I thought I wanted to make a more complex quilt with 13 stars, but these stars are super challenging to line up the points, especially with my solid fabrics which tend to be less forgiving when it comes less than perfectly aligned points. I consider myself to be an intermediate paper piecer, and I have to confess to pulling out all the tricks (glue basting, long basting stitches, and being willing to sew, unsew, sew, unsew, sew, etc) to get the center of the star decently aligned. It reminds me of grad school where the number one requirement for success is not superior intelligence but rather the ability to persevere!

Beta turquoise star

So I have decided to let the quilting do much of the work in giving this quilt its Wow factor. I have been in touch with Rebecca of Rebecca Grace Quilting, and she is going to use some designs by Karlee Porter to create a custom quilting look. There will be a TON of negative space where the quilting can shine.

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: March 2023 One Monthly Goal.

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4 Responses to March 2023 OMG

  1. Well, clearly I wouldn’t have done well in grad school – LOL. That star is fantastic! Will be fun to see your progress on this!


  2. Sounds like you have a great plan, and I’m sure Rebecca’s quilting will bring all that negative space to life!


  3. Susan Nixon says:

    Oh Rebecca’s work that I’ve seen is so pretty. That’s a great description of grad school. LOL. The star you showed is beautiful. I admire you for being able to adjust your goals to match the difficulty of what you’re doing.


  4. The Morning Latte says:

    It’s a great star! Five is certainly more attainable than 13 (or maybe the other 8 for April??). Good luck on your goal!


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