Sunday Stash #2

I’ve been to the  Kate Wolf Music Festival four or five times over the past several years but those trips were prior to the onset of my quilting addiction. This year when I decided to join my family for what we jokingly refer to as “The Hippie Fest,” I immediately looked online to see if there was a quilt store anywhere near the festival. I was thrilled to discover that The Fat Quail Quilt Shop was right on our way, just a few miles from the festival grounds. Thankfully, my family was on board for a stop en route, and I was able to get my fabric-touching fix.

After wandering around the store and picking up a couple random fat quarters, I saw a quilt on the wall that had some grey and black modern rose batik fabric I hadn’t seen before. I asked the owner of the shop if she sold yardage of this striking fabric, and she said, “Only in that assortment,” pointing to bundle of fabric with a cringe-worthy $95 price tag. But the substantial amount of the modern rose fabric was just too enticing, and my other justification was “what a cool souvenir from this vacation.” So I decided to splurge.


Beach Balls Quilt

Close-up of Grey and Black Modern Rose Batik Fabric

Close-up of Grey and Black Modern Rose Batik Fabric

If anyone knows where I can get more of this fabric, please let me know. I just love it and would love to use it in some other projects.


Fabric bundle for Beach Balls Quilt

Then I saw the pattern for the Beach Balls quilt next to the fabric bundle and asked if it was included in the fabric bundle. You guessed it, it wasn’t.


The pattern has half-square triangles which I haven’t done yet. I plan to buy Jeni Baker’s book when it comes out in October, Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle and try making some half-square triangles prior to taking her Mastering the Half-Square Triangle workshop at QuiltCon. I learn so much better when I practice a new skill at my own pace and figure out what my personal downfalls are. The pattern also has Ying and Yang blocks with backwards “S” curves and Fan Blade blocks with regular “S” curves. Yeegads! This quilt is definitely not going to make my 2015 Finish-along list! Maybe after QuiltCon in February and Glamp Stitchalot 2016 hosted by Pink Castle Fabrics hosted by next June, I might be ready to tackle this quilt.

I loved the greys and yellows in the Beach Balls quilt hanging in the store, but I think it needs a pop of teal like in this t-shirt I bought at the festival.


I might have to hide this assortment to keep myself from raiding it until I have more intermediate quilting skills. Hopefully, I won’t hide it too well!

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4 Responses to Sunday Stash #2

  1. Helen says:

    Looks like you had s great trip . I admit I’m not keen on batiks but I do like the modern rose fabric . I love fabric that looks doodled . And quilt camp , lucky lucky you


    • Helen, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. The fabric I was initially attracted to when I started quilting last fall was mostly batiks, but I have found I’m more drawn to non-batik fabric in recent months. I like that the fabric assortment I bought on my trip to California last month is comprised of both batik and non-batik fabric, which I believe will provide a greater depth to a quilt made with this fabric bundle (along with some good quality teal fabric). I absolutely love Alison Glass’ handcrafted fabrics, but then again, they are printed on very good quality cotton not like the thinner cotton batiks are often printed on.


  2. Jacqueline Rubio (aka The Sister) says:

    We had a great time with you at Hippie Fest. Maybe most fun was watching you take in the fabric candy store! Kinda like Pink Castle all over again. Liked this blog a lot!


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