Fashion and Food Quilt Mystery Back Revealed

I had so much fun making my Fashion and Food Quilt for my niece, Mary Frances. I was in regular contact with my sister, Jackie, during the entire process of making the quilt top, but I decided that I wanted the back to be a surprise to my sister. I had the dachshund face fabric printed up through Spoonflower in honor of Mary Frances’ puppy, Slinky.


I sent the quilt off on Monday, and it arrived two days later. I was able to watch Mary Frances open her belated birthday gift on Wednesday evening through FaceTime and see the reactions of both my niece and my sister. I’ll never forget seeing and hearing Mary Frances exclaim over each fabric I chose for the quilt.


Here’s a pic of Mary Frances snuggling up with her quilt:


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7 Responses to Fashion and Food Quilt Mystery Back Revealed

  1. Jackie Rubio says:

    It is truly a work of art, Mary! I loved watching it come together and I loved being there for the big “reveal.” I can’t believe that I didn’t see those little dachshund faces at first! I think I was sitting at a bad angle.


  2. How awesome that you were able to personalize it so much *and* get to watch her open it via FaceTime! 🙂


  3. Laura says:

    Mary, that is AWESOME!


  4. eleanor says:

    I love the dachshund face fabric, must be a special friend to have that printed up 🙂


  5. Kirsten says:

    Such a lovely quilt – the dachshund fabric on the back is fabulous!
    “Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.”


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