2016–Change in Direction Already!!!

It all started when I unwrapped my Christmas present from my friend and saw this beautiful fabric I’d been eyeing at ThreadBear, my local quilt store. I’m lucky enough to live in a small town where the owners of ThreadBear not only know me, but they know my taste in fabric. When my friend stopped by the store looking for a gift for me, she walked out with two one-yard cuts from Emma Jean Jansen’s Terra Australis collection AND a $50 gift certificate which I used to buy the coordinating fabrics from the collection. Check out my Sunday Stash #9 post if you’d like to see this beautiful collection before I cut into it.

I decided that I wanted to make a sampler quilt of 12-inch finished blocks using this collection with Kona Shadow as my background fabric. The first block I made was The Bee Hive’s Quatrefoil block. I made the block below as a practice block before I made my hive mate’s block in Blueberry Park fabrics blogged about in my Bee Blocks January 2016 post.


Terra Australis Quatrefoil Block

In late December/early January there was an onslaught of Block of the Month clubs that tempted me, and I definitely signed up for more than is possible for someone who works full-time. The upside is that I have numerous resources that I can draw on now and in the future. It was very freeing to figure out that I can pick and choose what will work best for me. With that perspective in mind, when I was scanning Bloglovin’ one morning in early January, I came across Amy Gibson’s free Sugar Block Club on her Stitchery Dickery Dock blog (which of course I immediately signed up for!) and fell in love with her January Modern Churn Dash block. Below is the second block I completed for my Terra Australis quilt.


Terra Australis Modern Churn Dash Block

By this time, I was starting to get a clearer picture of what I wanted for this quilt. I’m going to make 25 different blocks for my full-size bed and will try to make four blocks per month. Each block will have some kind of triangle in it, but I don’t think I will paper piece any of the blocks. I remembered that I really liked several of the blocks created for last summer’s 2015 Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop and thought that  AnjaQuilt’s Floored block would be a perfect fit for my quilt. Here is my version of Anja’s lovely block:


Terra Australis Floored Block

On Pinterest I found several 12-inch blocks that I may make this year, and one particularly struck my fancy. It is from Quilter’s Cache and is called No Name #2 (such a lame name for such a beautiful block!!!) But here’s where I made a choice that I’m pretty sure I’m going to redo. Without really even thinking about it, I made the block below with a low-volume Terra Australis grey feather fabric I found on Etsy rather than the Kona Shadow background fabric. I really like how this block looks, but I think I need to remake it with Kona Shadow and perhaps make a pillow out of this block.


Terra Australis No Name #2 Block

I think I could use the low-volume feathers fabric as background for other blocks, so my Terra Australis quilt could have two background fabrics, but my gut feeling is that I will be happier with the clean aesthetic of Kona Shadow as background for all the blocks.

Feel free to weigh in. Do you think I should remake No Name #2 with Kona Shadow background and save the original block to use for a coordinating pillow for my Terra Australis quilt?
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15 Responses to 2016–Change in Direction Already!!!

  1. I think that a finished quilt with a “scrappy” approach to the background could be lovely, but I lean toward a cleaner ascetic and would be happier making something for myself with the shadow background. I think that you should follow your heart; the block you made would be a beautiful accent pillow!


  2. Jackie Rubio says:

    I love the block with feathers!! But I do see your point!! Your ideas are now tied!!


  3. Lisa says:

    O.K. I’ll throw another thought into the pot. I have taken classes with and have seen many quilts made by Johanna Masko. She makes wonderful quilts and she often puts what she calls a Maverick block in her quilts. It’s a block that is a little different and it adds a little bit of interest. When you get more blocks done you could put them up on the design wall and see if you like it or not. They are beautiful blocks by the way.


  4. Mary T says:

    Awesome! I really like the block with the light grey feathers.


  5. Gorgeous blocks! I’m crushing on that light grey feather fabric, so I vote for mixed backgrounds, But I won’t be offended if you go with Shadow throughout. After all, it’s your quilt!


  6. Sophie says:

    Your blocks are gorgeous ! I like very much your fabric choice. I think this block would make a beautiful pillow matching the quilt.


  7. You’re right, they are beautiful fabrics, and I will be happy to see the finished project – it’s looking beautiful so far.


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  9. Stephanie says:

    Love the fabrics you’ve chosen for these blocks. The first one especially … looks like so many pieces but the result is so great!


  10. Laura M says:

    Really beautiful work, Mary!


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