2018 Quilter’s Planner

I can’t believe we are almost seven months through 2017. It’s definitely not too early to start thinking about 2018. When Stephanie Palmer at Late Night Quilter first published her 2016 Quilter’s Planner, I switched over from the previous planner I’d been using, and I have to tell you the even better 2017 Quilter’s Planner is never far from my side. And the eBook that came with the planner with 12 Quilting Patterns by some amazing quilt designers has several quilts that are on my Quilty Bucket List. Since I’ve become such a paper-piecing fan of late, the first one I plan to make is the Snow Star by Lindsey Rhodes of LR Stitched.


Weekly Calendar Pages

I mostly use the weekly calendar pages but tend to write more quilt-related info in the Personal and Work sections. I use an online nutrition/exercise tracker that covers a lot of what I focus on personally, and as far as work, in order to have a good balance in my life, I really try to not think about it much during my personal time, even though I really like the work I do. So in those sections I often write down inspiring Instagram or blog posts that I may want to refer to later as well as inspiring Pinterests pins, noting the board where I saved the pin.

Project Planner Pages

I do love many of the extra features in the planner, especially the Project Planner pages. Below is a photo in Stephanie’s planner that is much prettier than my scribbly (but very useful) ones.

QP Project Planning Page1-hi res (900x600)

Other Useful Features

  • Projects At-A-Glance Pages
  • Important Dates & Deadlines Pages
  • Bee Blocks & Swap Projects At-A-Glance
  • Stickers for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Sew Days, Guild Meetings, Quilt Retreats, etc.

Quilting Resources

  • Fabric Breakdown
  • Cutting Estimator
  • Piecing Methods (HSTs, Flying Geese)
  • Cloud 9 Cirrus Solids Digital Swatches
  • Multiple Idea Savers

Updates and New Features for 2018

  1. Shipping costs will be included in the pricing this year.
  2. The planner will include 4 pages of stickers!
  3. Quilt patterns will be in a separate magazine this year.

When Can We Order the Quilter’s Planner 2018?

Pre-orders for the 2018 Quilter’s Planner will begin on Friday July 28th. How awesome is the cover with Alison Glass fabric!

2018 Quilters Planner and mini-hi res (900x600)









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1 Response to 2018 Quilter’s Planner

  1. I am super excited about the 2018 planner, and thanks so much for sharing so many great details for what to look for soon. 🙂


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