Summer Sampler 2017 WIP Update

I have sewn four more blocks since I posted last month about the awesome Summer Sampler 2017. This is hands-down my favorite sew-along that I have participated in, and I know part of it is that I’m not as over-committed as I allowed myself to be the last couple years, so I’ve been able to make it a priority. Also, my skills are better, and it’s much more fun to participate in a sew-along when you’re not at square one, especially related to paper piecing.

Below is Block 9 which is the Midland Star Block by Katie Blakesley of Swim Bike Quilt. This block is going to be the center of my quilt as it on the mock-up of the Summer Sampler 2017 Pattern still available for $24.99.


Block 10 is the Spring Star Block by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemon Quilts. This is the only paper-pieced block we’ve done in the last four weeks, and although the center points aren’t perfect, I think it is a great little block (one of eight six-inch feature blocks in the quilt).


Kelly Bowser of Kelby Sews designed Block 11, the Pixie Dust Star block. When it was completely done, I had the “bright” idea of substituting chartreuse in the center next to the cerise triangles to give it more pop but just didn’t feel like redoing the block.


And the block pictured below is the one that I just finished sewing yesterday which is the Ombre Star block by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced. I love this block!


I’m wondering if there is a favorite sew-along that you have participated in that gave you great joy and satisfaction?

Linking up to Cooking Up Quilts: Main Crush Monday and My Quilt Infatuation: Needle and Thread Thursday.


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