Random Intention Baby Quilt

I finished my quilt top yesterday for the Five Fat Quarter Fun Contest. I used five fat quarters from some of the Kona solids that I am using in my Summer Sampler 2017 Quilt (link updated): Berry, Cerise, Emerald, Sage, and Aqua with Coal for the background and border fabric. To qualify quilt tops need to measure at least 34″ square, and my baby quilt measures 36″ square. I’m planning to make a scrappy binding with leftover fabric from my fat quarters.


I’m calling this quilt, Random Intention. I experimented with half-square triangles with corner triangles ensuring that each 4 inch-square finished sub-unit had three different colors along with the coal background, and each diamond formed from four intersecting corner triangles had four different colors. The repeating design had random placement of the colored trapezoids with corner triangles more intentionally selected. I sewed and designed one row at a time, and I found it helpful to use the little triangles cut off when making the corner triangles  to design the next row.

This completed quilt top is part one of my October ’17 One Monthly Goal.

Linking up to Cooking Up Quilts: Main Crush Monday.

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12 Responses to Random Intention Baby Quilt

  1. It’s lovely Mary! What a great mix in the placement of the colors, and the movement is so nice.


  2. Helen says:

    This is lovely mary . So many points and corners to match and they all do and with no bulk . I love all the colours pulling together


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  4. Sarah Goer says:

    This is a beautiful palette. The quilt just sparkles!


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