2018 Qtr 2 Finish-A-Long Finishes

I’m happy to report that I finished three of my 2018 Qtr 2 Finish-A-Long Goals. My most recent finishes were the Purple Quatrefoil French bulldog quilt pictured below and the accompanying Pink Quatrefoil French Bulldog Quilt. Both of these quilts were made for a set of twins born in April, and their parents are thrilled with the baby quilts. Mission Accomplished!!!


My other finish this past quarter was to quilt Jackie’s Aviary. This baby quilt was named after my sister who was quite the bird fanatic. The pattern was designed by my friend, Sarah Goer, and I was honored to test the pattern for her.  It was an easy and satisfying project to make, and then I found the perfect backing fabric which just added to my pleasure in my making this quilt. I love the photo below of my cat, Rusty, on the quilt. He’s such a gentle giant who definitely appreciates quilts!


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6 Responses to 2018 Qtr 2 Finish-A-Long Finishes

  1. Lisa says:

    awesome finishes.


  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Oh my goodness . . . Rusty is just SO darn pretty. He makes the centers of those squares pop even more. I just want to hear what he thinks about your quilts and quilting – he is gorgeous. Oh, and your quilts are fabulous too – I just can’t get past Rusty! Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. It’s so great to hear that the parents were thrilled with the quilts for the twins, and Rusty certainly is a stunning and beautiful quilt inspector!


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  5. lynnema says:

    What lovely quilts! On behalf of the FAL crew, congrats on your finish and thanks for participating!


  6. Sarah Goer says:

    Congrats on your FAL win!


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