Wedding Whirl Quilt Top Finished

In June I wrote a blog post about starting to design a quilt for my stepdaughter, Alisha, who got engaged to her girlfriend, Wendy, earlier this year with the plan to get married in early 2019. I used a pattern called Fire Whirl in the Scraps, Inc. book that was designed by Lee Heinrich and decided to use solids in teal, turquoise, and red violet with splashes of orange. I chose fabrics using my Kona solids swatch card, and I have to say that several of the fabrics that seemed like they would work well together when I looked at the tiny swatches did not look so good together when the yardage arrived. By process of trial and error, these are the Kona solid colors I ended up choosing for my version of Fire Whirl which I named Wedding Whirl: Teal Blue, Caribbean, Breakers, Dark Violet, Geranium, Magenta, Torch, Flame, Violet, Berry, Turquoise, and Peacock.

I then spent the next couple months making over 750 HSTs (3” unfinished) and starting to sew blocks together, and in August I sewed the blocks into rows for the top half of the quilt. Oh my word, there were SO many seams to match!!! My Aug ‘18 OMG Finishes post shows a lovely shot (minus a pesky shadow) of the half quilt top with my out-of-control sunflowers. (Below is the a photo of the whole quilt top finished on 9/16/18).


I had a sneaky feeling that the engaged couple might not be able to wait until next year to get married, so I decided to prioritize getting this quilt top finished and started sewing the blocks for the bottom half of the quilt in early September. And then a week ago, I received a text that they had eloped. Below is a photo of the happy married couple (my stepdaughter, Alisha, is the lovely bride in the wedding gown).


So the following day, I did a long day of sewing with my best friend, who is a fabric presser extraordinaire, to get the quilt top finished. And because Michael at ThreadBear, who is usually my long-arm quilter, was so backed up with quilt tops to be quilted, I sent it to Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting who is highly recommended by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter. I’ve actually sent Melissa two quilt tops in the last two weeks, and I can’t wait to get my quilts back from her.

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8 Responses to Wedding Whirl Quilt Top Finished

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi! I remember seeing this quilt top when it was just half its size, and it was stunning. It is even more so now, only outshined by the lovely couple. What a nice setting for their wedding picture. I really, REALLY LOVE the colors you chose and the fabrics for this piece. I hope they enjoy it and feel all the love you’ve stitched into this quilt for them. I wish them all the best, many blessings and successes going forward. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Congratulations to your growing family. Melissa is a fabulous long arm quilter, and I know she’ll do an amazing job on this beautiful quilt for your stepdaughter!


  3. barbora says:

    What a colouful gift for the happy couple to remember their special day. Wishing all the best for the newly weds.


  4. Bridget Boyle says:

    Love the movement in this quilt. Brava!


  5. Yes, yes, yes! I know that pattern — it’s so good. I’m glad you forged ahead and made all those HSTs. The results were well worth the effort. And I can’t wait to see the quilting!


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  7. Laura says:

    How lovely, both the quilt and the couple! Congrats to all.


  8. Linda says:

    I just commented on your latest post showing the final quilt and had to come back and look at your links to the story of it. I love your take on the original pattern and the colors you chose.
    What a sweet couple – they are so attractive. 🙂 They look so happy!


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