Bowtie Pasta Quilt Finished (2 months ago!)

I really thought I had blogged about finishing up this quilt since it was my first finish of my 2018 Qtr Finish-A-Long Goals , but apparently I didn’t since I could not even find a draft post! I had it long-arm quilted by ThreadBear and found a coordinating orange and yellow batik in my fabric stash to use for binding which I finished in early September. Below is a pic where my quilt holder who is 5’5” (and has a bad shoulder) is struggling behind it to hold this 56 X 70 quilt by herself, but I like how it shows the last of our sunflowers and cosmos.


I need to find someone who can make me a tool for photographing quilts like Yvonne@Quilting Jetgirl’s Quilt Photography Tool. The downside is having to sew on hanging sleeves, but it might be worth it!

I had a friend who has a good camera who took close-up below of this quilt. If you look closely at the irregularly shaped bowties (which is one the most appealing features of this quilt to me), you can see the interesting variegated thread used for the quilting. I also love that Studio E Culture Shock Matchstick Texture in Red, Orange, and Pink fabric—so much that I recently had to get another half yard for my stash!


Linking up to 2018 Qtr 3 FAL Finishes.

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3 Responses to Bowtie Pasta Quilt Finished (2 months ago!)

  1. Lovely finish; the binding matches perfectly.

    It’s a pretty simple tool to make, and if you read the comments on my post, a few people had suggestions for making it even easier!! 🙂


  2. Laura says:

    It’s so vibrant, and the irregular bow ties, fabric selections and variegated thread make it very interesting to look at. Did you request the variegated thread or was it Threadbear’s decision?


  3. Linda says:

    It’s beautiful and a nice complement for the sunflowers and cosmos! I am a fan of variegated everything and love the way that thread looks on your quilting.


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