Nov ‘18 OMG Finish

My Nov ‘18 OMG was to sew a simple Christmas patchwork cover for my cutting mat. I was able to get it done early in the month and enjoyed working with all the festive Christmas prints in red, green, and aqua (I’m not sure when aqua became a Christmas color, but I am totally on board!) This quilt actually does not quite cover my cutting mat, but I like the look of the small numbers and markings at the edges. It certainly covers up all the unsightly gashes in my cutting mat (perhaps it’s time for a new one in 2019?).

I started to do some Christmas decorating on Thanksgiving, and I love looking at the ornaments I’ve accumulated over the years, especially ones that were given to me by my mom and sister. The photo above shows the cutting mat cover I finished this month as well as a number of soft ornaments that I pinned to the design board that I keep behind my cutting table. Don’t worry I am still using my big design board for working on quilting projects over the holidays (and of course I still have plenty to work on!). The close-up below shows two of my mom’s quilting ornaments that I truly treasure:

Another favorite ornament is  the crossstitch angel I made MANY years ago, probably in my 20s, that I still love to pull out of its protective tissue paper wrapping every Christmas.

Do you have some special ornaments that you can’t wait to hang at Christmas?

This was one of my 2018 Qtr 4 FAL Goals. Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: Nov ‘18 OMG Finishes. Also linking up to 2018 Qtr 4 FAL Link-Up.

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7 Responses to Nov ‘18 OMG Finish

  1. Sarah Goer says:

    Congratulations on your finish! What a great little project to get in the holiday spirit. I love it with your ornaments hanging on the wall.


  2. Aqua as a holiday color is great in my book, too! I love the way your space looks with the cover.


  3. patty says:

    So fun! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts and congrats on your finish!


  4. Kathryn says:

    I never thought to make a cover for my cutting mat, but like the idea. Love all those ornaments with memories. I have some too that I like to hang, I was a teacher before retiring and I have ornaments gifted by students over the years. Precious! Kathryn Quilts


  5. Frédérique says:

    Cute quilt, love those prints!


  6. Linda says:

    I totally agree with you about aqua – not sure when it became a Christmas color, but I love it! You are inspiring me to get cracking on Christmas sewing.


  7. Debi says:

    Love aqua and turquoise at any time of year. Love your Christmas mat cover-up idea plus the festive wall.


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