2018 Bee Hive Blocks

I participated in the IG Honeybees 2018 Bee Hive swarm this year, and it was such a joy because it was so smooth running (a big thank you to @Meredithadolf for all the work she put into organizing the swarm). I’m going to list the blocks with photos of each of the blocks I made and the associated tutorials working backwards from December to January.


Jen chose the Double Star block using a teal, black, and grey color scheme. These are some of my favorite colors, so it was a joy to make:

Double Star Block Tutorial


The Magic 8 Ball block was Rachel’s choice using Halloween fabrics. Even though I’ve enjoyed looking at Halloween-themed quilts for the past few years, I had resisted buying any Halloween fabric until I needed to get some for Rachel’s block. I’m afraid Pandora’s box may now be open!

Magic 8 Ball Block Tutorial


For the month of October, we made the super cute Bunting block that Sharon chose:

Bunting Block Tutorial


Amanda choose the Homebase block (since I’m a baseball fan, I’ve always loved the name of this block!) and let us choose whatever bright color appealed to use. No shock that I went the turquoise/teal route.

Homebase Block Tutorial


The Checker block was chosen twice this year, but the color schemes were very different.  For Susan’s August Checker block, she asked us to make this striking block in blues, greens, yellows, and black.

Checker Block Tutorial


Lorna asked us to make Star Plus block using the alternate layout which was challenging for almost all of us, but it sure is a nice looking block!

Star Plus Block Tutorial with Alternate Layout


The block that Sandy chose for June was the Treasure Hunt block in batiks.

Treasure Hunt Block Tutorial


Sondra was actually the first swarm member to choose the Checker block. Her color choices were pink, grey, and black. I wish I had more of that clumpy black plus fabric.


The Wanta Fanta block was Sherry’s choice made in bright colors:

Wanta Fanta Block Tutorial


Jan asked us to make a scrappy spring version of the Ripples block. I really love this block and may have to have my own brightly-colored Ripples quilt someday!

Ripples Block Tutorial


Meredith chose the Houndstooth block in a scrappy red and navy blue color combination:

Houndstooth Block Tutorial


You may have figured out that I was the January Queen Bee. I chose the Autumn Chain block using dark-medium-light rainbow monochromatic fabrics after falling in love with the blocks that my friend, Sarah Goer, and her swarm created. (Read more about this color configuration on her Instagram post). Below is my 48” square Rainbow Autumn Chain quilt top that I definitely plan to have quilted this year.

Rainbow Autumn Chain Quilt Top

Autumn Chain Block Tutorial

I will be continuing with the same swarm in 2019 (with some change in swarm members). We will be making two blocks for each queen bee. I’ll be queen bee in March, and I’ve already been sewing up some example blocks because March will be here before we know it!

Happy New Year!





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4 Responses to 2018 Bee Hive Blocks

  1. Jan Altomare says:

    It was such a fun group for 2018. I love all the blocks. I have my ripples together in a top, just waiting to quilt after we move. Looking forward to 2019 and what blocks come our way.


  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Oh so many great blocks were selected, and your Autumn Chain quilt top is just lovely. I also enjoy the block Jan selected and would love to see it in a quilt top. I’m still drawn to the Bunting block but since I have until December there’s plenty of time to change my mind! Many blessings and Happy New Year to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. You are so right that March will be here in a flash! I look forward to seeing what you chose and how you pull all the blocks together next year.


  4. helen says:

    a bee with lots of variety, that’s always good. And a few challenging blocks there too!


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