May ‘19 OMG Finish

My May ‘ 19 One Monthly Goal was to complete the block units for Months 2, 3, and 4 of the Stargazer Block of Month hosted by Rebecca of Bryan House Quilts (see my May ‘19 OMG post for information about this BOM). The units for Months 2 and 4 were straightforward, though I am using foundation paper piecing (FPP) for this project rather than freezer paper piecing as Rebecca has suggested for this project. She uses this method of paper piecing because she really does not like tearing the paper off projects made with the more traditional FPP. I’ve found that getting the tiny pieces of paper that are stuck in the seams when using FPP can be tedious (though tweezers help immensely), but I do not want to have to transfer the pattern over to freezer paper by hand (or pay for rather pricey ink jet printer paper), pre-fold all my seams, or deal with the increased fraying that can occur with freezer paper piecing. Below are the the block units for Months 2 and 4:

But the Month 3 units were more challenging. My least favorite paper-piecing task is sewing sub-units together that have tricky seams to match up, but I almost always first sew them together with a basting stitch, and then if the seams are aligned to my satisfaction, I sew over with a 1.4 stitch length. These sub-units will form Starbuck units, and frankly I was glad that we didn’t have to sew the four sub-unit triangles together this month.

Not everyone is a fan of paper piecing. I sure wasn’t when I first tried it in 2016, but I love all the complex angles that can be created with paper piecing and the increased precision of my piecing. Do you prefer the more traditional foundation paper piecing or is freezer paper piecing more to your liking? Or is paper piecing NOT your thing at all?

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: May ‘19 OMG Finishes.

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3 Responses to May ‘19 OMG Finish

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    HAHA, Mary! I believe you are speaking directly to me this month, especially with all the good tips. No, I am NOT a fan of paper piecing. Yet. I am still holding out hope that I will be a bit more of a fan after I get two blocks complete this weekend. Looking on the bright side, I am collecting all the tips shared so that it will go easier in the future. I appreciate all of your ideas. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. helen says:

    thats a good tip to sew them twice so to speak. This will be a great quilt. I see it in the stars.


  3. patty says:

    Cool blocks! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!


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