July ‘19 OMG Finish

My July 2019 One Monthly Goal was to finish my Vertices quilt top.

I wanted to love it for so many reasons!

  • It is made with a wonderful fabric collection, Loved to Pieces, designed by Mr. Domestic.
  • My favorite colors of turquoise, teal, and aqua  are prominently featured in the quilt top.
  • The fabrics are all Art Gallery Fabrics with their luxurious feel.
  • I stretched my paper-piecing skills by drawing out different equilateral triangle templates (some from Melody Miller’s Cotton+Steel Picnic quilt pattern) on graph paper and then sewing on the photocopies.
  • I used my light tablet for the first time to place a tricky inner piece of one kind of equilateral triangle.

But when I laid out blocks on my bed, the layout felt too chaotic to me. So I decided to add light green sashing/borders to insert some calmness and order.

Which I think it did, but I just wasn’t crazy about it. That night as I was lying in bed feeling “twired” (you’ve probably heard of this “new” feeling—tired but still wired—unfortunately a feeling I experience more often than I would like), I realized that the quilt I REALLY wanted for my bed is a version of Robin Pickens’ half-rectangle triangle Harlequin quilt which is inspired by Saija Kiiskinen’s take on the Harlequin quilt using Mr. Domestic’s Loved to Pieces fabric collection. I absolutely love Saija’s version (See her quilt here) but decided that I wanted my quilt’s irregular triangular borders to be made with solids featured in the quilt: Pure Elements Tile Blue, Fresh Water, and Cozumel Blue.

The next day I photographed my Vertices quilt top and put it away. I think I will finish it next year for a donation quilt.

I bet you all can guess what my August One Monthly Goal will be!

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: July ‘19 Finishes.

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7 Responses to July ‘19 OMG Finish

  1. I like the quilt! Maybe it’s a case of seeing it a bit too much, and once you’ve had it tucked away for a bit, you’ll like it again. Or, it will make a lovely donation quilt!


  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! I agree with Wendy – I like the quilt top as well. But I can understand why you are putting it away as it just didn’t quite meet your vision. I do adore the Harlequin quilt and that version by Saija is just stunning. So, yes – you have your August OMG. Get busy, girl. I can’t wait to see it. And I’ve never heard of twired but I am so very often in that state. Way too often, actually. By the way, this is make a fabulous donation quilt – someone will love receiving it. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Laura M says:

    I think the vertices quilt is quite beautiful, and I wonder if pre-established expectations set up your relationship with the quilt for disappointment. And as piecefulwendy suggests, maybe your feelings toward the quilt will change if revisited after a separation. But also, as said by both piecefulwendy and rl2b2017, it would be a lovely comfort for someone in need to receive.


  4. Lisa J. says:

    How disappointing, to put that much work into the quilt and have it not quite make the mark. The individual blocks are really lovely. I agree that you should give it a rest and see how it feels when you pull it out again. Sometimes I love a quilt after that process and sometimes I don’t.


  5. Nann says:

    I like it — the colors are calm and cool, refreshing for a summer day. But I do understand how you can be disappointed with the way a quilt turns out. It’s the eye of the maker (as opposed to the eye of the beholder) — you know so firmly what you had in mind and it’s hard/impossible to switch lanes.


  6. patty says:

    Fun quilt top. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


  7. kaholly says:

    Now THAT’s a fun quilt!


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