To-Do Tuesday #4 Weekly Progress Update

I am joining the weekly To-Do Tuesday Linky Party hosted by my friend, Roseanne, at Home Sewn By Us. I find goal-setting to be extremely helpful to get more accomplished, and since I’m always trying to get one more project done, I’m all for a little extra push and/or encouragement.

To-Do for the week of Sept 3rd-Sept 9th:

  1. Make 8 Bee Hive Fizzy Quadrants – √ Done
  2. Cut as much fabric possible for Dimension in Dusk project – √ Done
  3. Start sewing Dimension in Dusk blocks.– √ Done

To-Do #1

I tried Roseanne’s three-pin technique for sewing curves, and while it did work for me, I felt more comfortable with a combo of glue-basting and pinning, but then I always need to clean off some extra glue after I’ve sewed a curved seam. I guess it’s worth it to me to feel like I have a little more control when sewing curves.

To-Do #2

Thankfully all the Kona solids I ordered arrived, and I was able to get all the fabric cut for Dimension in Dusk this past week (referred from now on in this post as DiD). I’m really enjoying working with this color palette. Below is a pic of one of the blocks cut and ready to be sewn that has Kona Heliotrope in the center with a Kona Purple triangle on the left and a Kona Tulip triangle on the right.

To-Do #3

I’ve started sewing the DiD blocks. Below is a pic of the first four columns/first two rows. The pattern repeats for the columns 5-8.

To-Do for the week of Sept 10th through September 16th

  1. I just have one goal for the coming week which is to make much as much progress with my DiD quilt top as possible. These blocks are quick to paper piece. I’ve gotten the first 24 blocks sewn, and am confident I can get the other 24 blocks made in the coming week. And most likely I’ll be able to start sewing the blocks into rows.

Linking up to Home Sewn By Us: To-Do Tuesday Linky #5.

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3 Responses to To-Do Tuesday #4 Weekly Progress Update

  1. Oh, luscious purples!
    This particular application of solids to DiD reminds me of a contemporary twist on an Amish style design.
    Good luck with your goal!


  2. I’m interested in trying the glue-basting method for sewing curves, but haven’t done it yet. What kind of glue do you use? The DiD blocks look amazing, and I’m guessing there’s going to be lots of pretty color in that quilt!


  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Your Fizzy blocks look great – I know Kathy will be delighted. I’m sorry the pinning wasn’t enough for you but whatever works for you is best. I just ADORE your DiD blocks. What a fabulous quilt that is going to be – all those rich tones and color palette together. Fab! Thank you for linking up again. I like the little push these lists give me as well. A gentle nudge . . . ~smile~ Roseanne


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