To-Do Tuesday 84 Weekly Progress Update

I am joining the weekly To-Do Tuesday Linky Party hosted by Chris at ChrisKnits

To-Do for the week of March 16th-22nd:

  1. Cut out some equilateral triangles from Fairy Dust Ombré and Boundless Ombré fat quarters. √ Done
  2. Continue spending at least 15 minutes a day playing with EQ8. √ Done
  3. Finish my Snowflake Embroidery Month 2 block. Nope

To-Do #1

My planner at work has a wonderful color gradation equilateral triangle design on the cover (second pic below). I used this cover for inspiration to design and make a small ombré equilateral quilt top over the weekend that measures 33.5” X 36”. 

I used the Fairy Dust Ombré Fat Quarter Bundle below that is so attractively stacked in a star shape for this bright ombré quilt that will go on the back of my love seat at work.

To-Do #2

The take-home lesson this week for me with EQ8 is make sure that Snap to Nodes is off when drawing the main lines in my blocks. I had to start over with both the SPRING block and the Bees block. I am feeling much more comfortable with EQ8 and plan to continue spending time becoming more proficient with the program. I was reluctant to commit much time to learning this program because I already spend so much time on computers between work, blogging, and reading posts/social media, but it is starting to feel like a tool for creativity and is becoming more fun.

To-Do #3

I had more stitching to do than I thought to finish my Snowflake Embroidery Month 2 block. I got a fair amount done, but still have at least a couple more hours of stitching to do.

To-Do for the week of March 23rd-30th:

  1. Work on a second equilateral triangle baby quilt top with the triangles I cut from the Boundless fat quarter bundle that is pictured above on the right.
  2. Continue spending at least 15 minutes a day playing with EQ8. 
  3. Finish my Snowflake Embroidery BOM Month 2 block.
  4. Write my Dumbledore Finished post (March 2021 OMG Finish).

Linking up to Chris Knits: To-Do Tuesday.

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6 Responses to To-Do Tuesday 84 Weekly Progress Update

  1. Your planner quilt is so pretty and thoughtfully created. Love those gradated colors.
    When you mentioned Snap To Nodes on EQ8, it reminded me of “snap to guides” on MS Publisher. Is it the same concept?


  2. chrisknits says:

    Wow, love the planner and the top you made from it!! Good luck with the stitching!

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  3. That mini quilt is really pretty with those ombre fabrics. Yay for your progress with EQ!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your ombre triangles top is wonderful! I love that you are able to turn your inspiration into a quilt!

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  5. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! I love both the planner cover itself and your mini interpretation of it. I’ll bet that will look nice on the couch and you’ll get to enjoy it everyday at work. I used to hang quilts at work until this whole pandemic started. I sure do love those ombre fabrics! Great job on your Spring EQ8 Challenge blocks. The kite tail looks like a string of dominoes! Good for you for keeping up on the homework. ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love your ombré equilateral quilt top!! Very striking!

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