To-Do Tuesday 121 Weekly Progress Update

 To-Do for the week of Nov 30th-Dec 6th:

  1.  Finish my Turquoise and Grey Sashiko squares and make them into a set of five coasters for my stepdaughter, Alisha. √Done
  2. Finish my Black and Gold Sashiko squares and make them into a set of five coasters for my stepson, Drew √Done
  3. Write my December 2021 One Monthly Goal post.Done

To-Do #1

The finishing instructions in the Sashiko coasters kits I’ve seen so far suggest that the Sashiko square be placed right sides against another piece of Sashiko fabric and stitched around the perimeter leaving a gap of 2-3″ to be turned right-side out and slip-stitched closed. I like a more finished look as well as coasters that have more substance to them, so I used a piece of batting between the Sashiko square and the backing fabric and chose to bind these 4.5″ square coasters with a contrasting solid fabric, using the mini binding tutorial from Twiggy and Opal. Don’t be surprised to see more variegated turquoise on grey Sashiko fabric coasters in 2022. I think I might need to a set to keep!


To-Do #2

I also finished the Sashiko coasters for my stepson, Drew, using black binding fabric. They measure about 4″ x 4.5″. These dark, masculine-looking coasters aren’t exactly to my taste, but I really like how they look with these simple wood Christmas ornaments, and hopefully Drew will like them.


To-Do #3

This past week I wrote my December 2021 One Monthly Goal post about making a Cardinal Mini Quilt. The good news is my Kona Cardinal fabric arrived on Saturday.


I wrote a post on Friday about my Christmas North Stars quilt which is my November 2021 Favorite Finish:


To-Do for the week of Dec 7th-13th:

  1. Make progress on my Cardinal mini quilt.
  2. Start working on a Sew Tiny Christmas ornament. Have you seen the free Sew Tiny Ornament Sew-Along hosted by Kitty@nightquilter on Instagram? I definitely want to make one of the tiny Christmas trees with a little embroidery embellishment.
  3. Start working on a simple pink tote bag with a not-so-simple paper-pieced star on one side.

Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal: To-Do Tuesday.

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5 Responses to To-Do Tuesday 121 Weekly Progress Update

  1. Your coasters look great (Isn’t that T&O tute on the binding good!) and I like Drew’s set, too. They look great with the ornaments. I have seen the tiny sew along, but haven’t made any. I do like the tree, though, so I’ll be watching for yours!


  2. I sure hope you make a coaster set to keep for yourself! I would have opted to finish them with binding as well. Congratulations on getting so many of your gifts finished up nice and early. And I look forward to seeing your sew tiny ornament or ornaments. 🙂


  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Oh yes, you definitely need to continue the variegated turquoise on grey theme. Those coasters turned out so cute as did the set for Drew. I’m a fan of the binding to finish them off, too. Good job! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. chrisknits says:

    Love the coasters!!! I need to put my sashimi runner on the list for 2022 and get down to it.


  5. Your coasters turned out so beautiful, and great idea to make them with more substance. I think they will be wildly popular! Did you make the wood ornaments too? Very attractive gift. Your finish for your sister is just magnificent.
    Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday!


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