Weekly Progress Update #139

To-Do for the week of April 4th-April 10th:

  1. Start sewing my flying geese units into columns for my three temp quilts. Nope
  2. Make bindings for my SAHRR2022 quilt, Drew’s Sushi quilt, and for the four sunflower placemats. √Done
  3. Start cutting 2.5″ strips of Alison Glass fabric for my Kantha Sew-Along quilt top. √Done

To-Do #1

This past week I didn’t have time to work on sewing my temperature flying geese units together for January-March, but I should be able to make progress with them this coming week.

To-Do #2

When I have a lot of binding strips to cut, I get out my Accuquilt-Go machine with the 2.5″ strip die. It really makes short work of cutting binding strips. Too bad it won’t sew the strips together and press them in half 🙂


To-Do #3

I cut some 2.5″ the regular way for my Kantha quilt. I will piecing strips together to make them approximately 78″ long. And probably not surprising, I’m planning to arrange my strips in a gradient order.


To-Do for the week of April 11th-April 17th:

  1. Start sewing my flying geese units into columns for my three temp quilts.
  2. Bind my four sunflower placemats.
  3. Cut more 2.5″ strips of Alison Glass fabric for my Kantha Sew-Along quilt top.

Linking up to Texas Quilt Gal: To-Do Tuesday.

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5 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #139

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! When does the sew-along start for your Kantha quilt? Those fabrics look so pretty . . . and I’m shocked that you are going to lay the colors out in a gradient order. Not! HAHA! Good luck with this week’s goals and all those pretty binding strips. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You are making good progress. I don’t mind cutting strips for binding, but the sewing and pressing and rolling it fussy work. I’m liking your fabrics for the kantha quilt – will be fun to see that one progress!


  3. And it probably isn’t a surprised that I love the idea of arranging your stripes for the Kantha quilt in gradient order. 🙂 I hope that having the binding strips prepared and ready from last week means they are quick and fun to put on as needed. To me, it always seems like binding goes faster if I’ve already prepared it ahead of time. Have a great week!


  4. Getting binding made can be a chore! It’s great that you have a tool to help with at least one step of it. With those bindings ready, it looks like you’re ready for some finishes! Enjoy the Kantha sew along, too.


  5. Haha on getting your Go to sew and press – why don’t you invent that and go on Shark Tank! I love the gradient look to your strips.
    Thanks for linking with To Do Tuesday!


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