SAHRR2023 Second Border

I’ve been looking forward to participating in  SAHRR2023 since I finished up SAHRR2022 last year because it was so much fun customizing my design and stretching my piecing skills. See my Blue Dog quilt here and a similar one I made for my stepson, Drew, here.

For this year, I have decided to make a wall hanging using Alison glass fabrics and coordinating Kona solids. I decided to make my SAHRR2023 a color gradient project (Big Surprise I know!), so I started with one of my red-orange Alison Glass prints along with Kona Coral and Poppy. I used the center of Kitty Wilkins’s Fierce block which she designed for the 2019 Summer Sampler to help participants strengthen their tiny paper piecing skills. See the complete Fierce block made by Kate@SwimBikeQuilt here. My SAHRR2023 center measures 4.5”square.

SAHRR2023 center cropped

During the last weekend of January, I got the first border done for my 2023SAHRR project. Unfortunately I was too late to join the linky party. Roseanne with Home Sewn By Us gave us our first prompt which was the Spool Block. I paper pieced the tiny strips of “thread” using 1/4″ graph paper. It’s about 7″ square after the first border.

SAHRR2023 first border

On Monday Jan 30th Wendy with Pieceful Thoughts gave us our second border prompt: Stars. Over the weekend I paper-pieced four Sew Tiny Arkansas Stars, pattern by Kitty Wilkin. I added strips of a gold Alison Glass Trinkets fabrics, and with my second border complete, my SAHRR2023 project is about 9.5″ square. There is no doubt that the wonky factor increases with tiny piecing, but overall I’m happy with how this project is looking:

SAHRR2023 2nd border

Linking up to Pieceful Thoughts: SAHRR2023 Second Border Linky Party.

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9 Responses to SAHRR2023 Second Border

  1. McKenzie Oliver says:

    That looks fun!


  2. I love the Alison Glass Trinkets print ties back to the colors of the previous rounds. Your progress is looking great to me!


  3. This is so much fun, Mary! I’m so glad you decided to sew with us again this year. I love those AG fabrics, and those little blocks are amazing.


  4. I love your gradient, such beautiful fabrics!


  5. Debbie says:

    Little pieces. OMG! But they really look great and your color gradients are interesting. Can’t wait to see what you add.


  6. kittywilkin says:

    I love how this is growing! What a gorgeous color transition, too!


  7. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Oh, I love how this is coming together. It is cool how you are using a different fabric for each round yet it so cohesive. Yikes that is small but powerful. Good job! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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