Weekly Progress Update #183

To-Do for the week of Feb 7th-13th:

  1. Work on my Easy Bargello project. √Done
  2. Make the third border for SAHRR2023 which features the hourglass block. √Done
  3. Start working on a new Sashiko project.

To-Do #1

I made a lot of progress with my Easy Bargello project this past week. Myra with Busy Hands Quilts wrote the pattern to be strip pieced (which is what I did) or traditionally pieced (which would be great for scraps). See the pattern here. The vibrant colors don’t show up well in the photo below, but they show up better in the fabric key page provided in the pattern in the next photo. I’ve made swatch pages before which were useful in order to have a record of fabrics used, but I have to tell you this fabric key was indispensable to help me keep track of the gradient order.

Easy Bargello 16 columns


Easy Bargello Fabric Key

To-Do #2

I got my third border done for SAHRR2023 early in the week. I’m so enjoying participating in this round robin. I’m trying to keep my project fairly small as I want it to be a wall hanging and also somewhat minimalist to better showcase Alison Glass’ vibrant fabrics (and let’s be honest, it takes less time to only make a few border blocks each round)! Read about the progress thus far on my SAHRR2023 project here.

SAHRR2023 3rd border

To-Do #3

I’ve done just a little on a new Sashiko project. It is a jellyfish panel by Sylvia Pippen Designs. I bought the panel awhile back from Red Thread Studio. They don’t have the jellyfish in stock at this time, but I really like this Coral Reef Anemones and Grasses Panel. Maybe a future Sashiko project! I hope to share a progress pic next week.

To-Do for the week of Feb14th-20th:

  1. Make more progress on my Easy Bargello project.
  2. Make the fourth border for SAHRR2023 which features the hourglass block.
  3. Do more stitching on my Jellyfish Sashiko project.

Linking up to Quilt Schmilt: To-Do Tuesday.

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8 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #183

  1. ooo – bargello is pretty and it is still on my bucket list


  2. All the color! I just want to sit and look at your projects (and your finished quilts) and enjoy all the color! I can see why you had to carefully label the Easy(?) Bargello – wowza. Love, love, love your SAHRR, I think it’s my favorite!


  3. That fabric tracking sheet for the Bargello quilt looks like it would be indispensable!


  4. Both your Bargello and your SAHRR make me smile every time I see al of that colour! They are so vibrant and beautiful. Your tracking key would be indispensible for a project like this. Great job on your list. Hope this week is as successful. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.


  5. The Bargello quilt is going to be gorgeous – your colors are wonderful! I can see why that swatch chart would be helpful. I’m keeping my SAHRR quilt simple this year, too – yours is looking great!


  6. plstockwell says:

    I am a big Alison Glass fan so your SAHRR looks perfect to me! Nicely showcasing her gorgeous fabric. And then you tugged on my rainbow heart with your bargello project. So beautiful. What an awesome week you had! Good luck next week.


  7. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! WOWEE! Forty fabrics for your bargello quilt. That is amazing. You are doing great work on it and I am loving your version. Great job on your SAHRR, too!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  8. Love the Easy Bargello and how smart to make the fabric key – it’s pretty too! 😀


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