Quilt Guild Fabric Swap Challenge–Quilt #3

I joined my local quilt guild in January 2015 and felt like a total imposter, but three months later with a little more confidence, I decided to participate in a fabric swap with another guild member. The fabrics provided to me were very colorful and attractive, but they weren’t my typical color scheme. I decided to use a rail fence pattern as well as trying diagonal machine quilting using strips of masking tape as quilting guides. In order to turn my quilt top into a tabletopper, I decided to add a turquoise border and backing and orange binding–my two go-to colors. It was satisfying to do such a quick project.



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2 Responses to Quilt Guild Fabric Swap Challenge–Quilt #3

  1. Jackie Rubio says:

    This entry was short and sweet like the featured quilt! I like how you always find a way to make each project your own. You are obviously having fun with each endeavor.


  2. Sarah Goer says:

    Sounds like you’ve settled in to participating in the quilt guild. It sounds like you’re having such a great time quilting. I love those two wild striped fabrics in this one! Rail fence was a great choice, because a busier pattern might have been too crazy. 😉


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