Fancy Foxes Fun

This past weekend I had so many things that needed to be done, but I took some time out to do some sewing for the fun of it. I decided to join a Block of the Month club hosted by my local quilt store, ThreadBear. Bridget is teaching us how to make Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Forest quilt, and on Saturday, we started with the Fancy Foxes. There is the option to make the large quilt or the small quilt, and I’ve opted to make the small Fancy Forest quilt since it is one fourth of the work but all of the cuteness! I made the first fox in class on Saturday and finished the other three up on Sunday.


Next month we’ll be working on the bunnies!

Linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday and Sew Cute Tuesday.

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7 Responses to Fancy Foxes Fun

  1. Jacqueline Rubio says:

    Can’t wait to see bunnies, but I could look at those foxes all day!!


  2. Tish says:

    Those foxes are so cute. I love the colors you chose


  3. skalabara says:

    Love your color choice for the foxes, it is a great block and quilt design! Stopping from Cute Tuesday. Barbora


  4. Hi, I found you on Sew Cute Tuesday and love your foxes. They don’t seem too difficult. Can’t wait to see the bunnies.


  5. Jen says:

    I love your foxes! This pattern was so fun when I did it last year. Seeing your beauties makes me want to pull the pattern out again and make something for myself!

    Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday


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