2016 Finish-Along Quarter 4 Goals

I have three projects to roll over from my 2016 Quarter 3 Goals.

The first one is a project I started back in Spring 2015 with fabric given to me for my birthday by my sister, stepdaughter, and two friends. I’ve been calling this project my Birthday Gifts Quilt. I made some of the blocks from Tula Pink’s 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book, but more of the blocks are from Color Girl Quilts Super Simple Sampler Blocks. I used a quarter-inch foot when making these blocks and didn’t realize how much of the block I would lose sewing a straight quarter-inch when many of the blocks were comprised of small squares and rectangles. I ended up trimming these blocks to 6″ square (5 1/2″ finished), but it didn’t affect the blocks too much because I was still afraid of triangles when I sewed these blocks so only a two or three blocks have triangles in them. This quilt which measures 36″ across by 29.5″ down is going to be a wall-hanging. It has been quilted, trimmed, and just needs to have the binding sewn on.


My second project is my Diamond Stars Quilt. I used 9″ finished blocks in this quilt, so it went together fairly quickly. It is currently at my local quilt store waiting to be longarm-quilted.


Turning my four Fancy Foxes in a wall-hanging is the third project I am rolling over from last quarter.


I have five new projects to add to my 2016 Quarter 4 Goals:

I was Queen Bee in August for both my online quilting bees, The Bee Hive, and Stash Bee, and I chose to have my hivemates sew the Quatrefoil block. I have received 20 blocks plus two Surprise Blocks that Sarah Goer generously made me for my quilt. I don’t have a photo of the blocks yet because I haven’t pressed out all the mailing wrinkles. Adding in my two example blocks to show my choices of color and placement, I have 24 blocks. I may make one more block to make a 60″ square quilt. Below is a pic of one of my example blocks:


I also want to make two patchwork pillow covers using scraps from the Teal, Purple, and Grey quilt that I made for my stepdaughter last year:


And two patchwork pillow covers using scraps from the Japanese quilt I made for my stepson last year:


My fourth goal for the fourth quarter of 2016 is one I just decided on this yesterday. As tempting as several 2016 quilt-alongs have been to me this year, I haven’t completed any this year (and haven’t even started any new ones since early in the year due to shoulder problems). But I have been wanting to make a grey and teal/turquoise/aqua plus quilt for a few months and when I saw Quilty Therapy’s Charming Plus Quilt-A-Long post on making a plus baby quilt, I started mulling it over and yesterday decided to join in. The blocks are only 6 1/2″ unfinished, and that’s something I can get done in 15 minutes over my lunch hour or perhaps a couple blocks before I go to work. And maybe just maybe, sewing one or two when I get home from work, but that’s dicey because I’m usually done for by the end of the work day. But simple blocks like these are a possibility. And this project is doable to quilt myself giving me an opportunity to practice my straightline quilting. Here are two pics of some of the scraps/fabric I pulled today to use in this quilt-along:

At almost the very last minute for this 2016 Quarter 4 Finish-Along link-up with about three hours left until this linky party closes, I’m adding a fifth project. I’m joining Inquiring Quilter’s Berry Cross Quilt-Along. In September, I fell in love with Jennifer’s Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop Berry Cross Block with its different colorways and layouts. I haven’t decided for sure what my color scheme will be, but I’m leaning toward the color scheme that Jennifer used in her block made with Cloud 9 fabrics: aqua, teal, light purple, dark purple, and a grey background all in solids. I don’t sew much with purple or solid fabric, but I just realized that I used a similar color scheme for my stepdaughter’s quilt a year and half ago. I don’t hold out a lot of hope that I will have a completed quilt top by sometime in December, but I hope to at least make a start that I can finish in the new year. But who knows, maybe the stars will align, and I will get in a major groove, and I’ll knock this baby out in record time 🙂

Linking up with 2016 Quarter 4 Finish A-Long Goals.

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4 Responses to 2016 Finish-Along Quarter 4 Goals

  1. Good luck with your list and thank you for taking part in the Finish-Along!


  2. Helen says:

    Great list Mary . Lots of sewing going on there ! I loved all your bee blocks appearing on Instagram . Your quilt will be beautiful
    Hoping your shoulder holds out ok


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