October 2016 OMG

My October 2016 OMG goal is to finish one of two quilts. Hopefully, it will be my Diamond Stars Quilt (see pic below of the quilt top) for my best friend’s birthday this month. But there are things beyond my control. I talked with Michael at ThreadBear on Saturday, and he told me that he is going to have to send his longarm machine back to the manufacturer because it is not working right. He told me that my quilt will be the first one he will work on when he gets it back. Now I’m hoping that he can get the quilting done by Oct 22nd, so I can have a couple weekend days to get it squared up and the binding done.


If I don’t have my Diamond Stars quilt to work on during the fourth weekend of October, I plan to finish my Birthday Gifts Quilt (see below). Both of these quilts are 2016 Quarter 3 Finish-Along Goals.


Linking up to Red Letter Quilts: October 2016 OMG.

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5 Responses to October 2016 OMG

  1. At least you know the quilt will be the first to be worked on when the machine gets back from being serviced. Fingers crossed it works out in time for your friend’s birthday.


  2. Lisa says:

    I hope that the quilt gets done in time for the birthday as well. I really like the birthday gifts quilt.


  3. AmyScrapSpot says:

    I love this! The Diamond Stars fabric is beautiful, esp that flower print!
    The Birthday Gifts Quilt is sooo pretty too.. LOVE your color choices and patterns, I just love it all! haha!


  4. Heidi says:

    Good Luck! I hope everything comes together in time!


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