September 2016 Blocks

The majority of my focus this year has been on my Terra Australis Quilt, but thankfully I’ve had some other obligations this year to give me a much needed break from this all-consuming (though very satisfying) project. For my Bee Hive commitment, Mischelle chose the Jagged Little Pill by Molli Sparkles. This is one of those blocks that creates such a cool secondary design. Below is my block for Mischelle:


For Stash Bee Hive 7, Anja chose a very modern, random HST block in greys, white, black, and bright orange. I loved making this block and would like to make a quilt using blocks similar to this block:


And last but certainly not least, last week I participated in the 2016 Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop and shared my Berry Blossom Block which is an original block that I designed after seeing Terri Ann’s Dogwood Blossom Mini Barn Quilt Kit and deciding to make a modified version (with her permission) for this new block blog hop. If you haven’t looked at all the other blocks designed for this blog hop, take a few minutes to do so. You are in for a treat!


Linking up to Quilter in the Closet: Building Blocks Tuesday.

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