September ’16 OMG Goal–Finishing my Terra Australis Quilt

I finished my Terra Australis Quilt Top the end of July, took it in early August to Michael at ThreadBear to do the longarm quilting and got it back a couple weeks ago. This morning I finally got it squared up and the binding cut and sewn together. The binding is another Emma Jean Jansen fabric called Melba. In the photo below, I have the right side of the quilt turned back, so the backing fabric can be seen with my rolled-up binding sitting on top of it.



My September ’16 OMG goal is to machine stitch down the binding (front and back) and to attach a quilt label to it using one of the Story Patches labels. With this label, I’ll be able to write on the label with a permanent fabric marker and will be able to record some history about this quilt that I can’t fit onto the quilt label. This is my first time time doing this, so I’m sure there will be some learning curve time to figure everything out. I first found about these Story Patches labels from Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter. I’ll be using the arrow label below designed by Stephanie.


It’s been nice having some time to work on my quilt today, but I have to tell you it’s been with a heavy heart. My cat, Bug, got out last night. She’s an indoor cat, and has gotten out a couple times before during her 11 years, but she’s always been at the door in the morning. But she has not come back home yet, and I’m very worried about her. Good vibes, thoughts, and prayers for her safe return will be much appreciated. She’s the tortoiseshell cat on the left in the pic below.

Update: After being gone a full week, Bug came home today! It’s a very happy day!


Linking up to Red Letter Quilts: OMG September Goal Setting.



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4 Responses to September ’16 OMG Goal–Finishing my Terra Australis Quilt

  1. I sure hope Bug comes home soon. My indoor cat got out once too and it was a loooong wait. And I am excited about your goal for the month. It will be so nice to see the quilt finished!


  2. Helen says:

    Hopefully Bug is already home and sleeping on your quilts . It has been great to see this quilt take shape . Not long until the final finish now .


  3. Heidi says:

    I am so sorry to read about Bug, has he returned?

    Good Luck finishing this beauty up! I absolutely love the melba binding.


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