Improv Table Runner

When I read Sarah Goer’s post at the beginning of this month, Show Me Something Improv, I did not have anything improv to share because generally I tend to gravitate toward more structured designs. But I thought it might be fun to play with my Alison Glass Kaleidoscope scraps and create an improv table runner for the shelf next to my bed. Initially I wanted it to be a two-sided runner that would feature a turquoise-blue-lime color scheme on one side (that would go with my Tranquility quilt) and a riot of bright colors on the other side (that will go with a future quilt project), but I wasn’t able to get it basted well, and the quilting puckered, so I ripped it out after only having quilted two lines. I decided to focus on the squares that go with my Tranquility quilt, cut another piece of Kaleidoscope Raven fabric as backing, did a much better job basting it, and ended up being super happy with the quilting, which mimics the piecing.

The two squares on either end were sewn in the more traditional improv manner (which is somewhat of an oxymoron!), and I made a simple paper-pieced pattern for the center square.

Thanks, Sarah, for the inspiration to get out of my comfort zone. Be sure to check out all the cool improv projects at the Show Me Something Improv Linkup.

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6 Responses to Improv Table Runner

  1. Oh I love it! The colors are great (you can’t go wrong with AG). The photo is very cool, with the matching lamp and the quilt in the foreground. Nice finish!


  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Nice job! It really does go well with Tranquility – I just LOVE that combination of blues with the lime green. I had to smile at the wording of the ‘wild’ side – oops, let’s make that ‘bright’ side. A riot, huh?! You embraced improv and you did it well. I’m proud of you and for quilting it yourself. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Hi Mary, your runner looks great! I love the colors, blue and green definitely speak tranquility! It matches perfectly to the larger quilt. I struggle with improv my brain likes structure!


  4. I think it’s awesome that Sarah’s prompt got you to give improvisation a try, the table runner looks great and I love how the quilting mimics the piecing.


  5. Hi Mary, way to go to try something new. I hope you enjoyed it – I’m totally addicted to improv but then I’m accuracy challenged so it fits my skills and personality perfectly! Take care.


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