To-Do Tuesday 103 Weekly Progress Update

I am joining the weekly To-Do Tuesday Linky Party that is usually hosted by Chris at ChrisKnits

To-Do for the week of July 27th-Aug 2nd:

  1. Make a third Fancy Forest Hazel Hedgehog block and get my modified Fancy Forest quilt top put together. √Done
  2. Finish the Two Cranes Sashiko pillow for my brother. √Done
  3. Make a mug rug with Kaleidoscope fabrics for a work colleague. √Done

To-Do #1

I did get my last hedgehog made in blue and turquoise for my modified Fancy Forest quilt and sewed the quilt top together. I’m going to wait to do a full reveal until after I get this quilted (yes, myself, as opposed to sending it out!!!) I am going to try using Hobbs fusible batting for this 28″ X 42″ wall hanging, which is on order from Amazon. Have any of you tried using this fusible batting? I generally baste my mini quilts with Elmer’s purple glue sticks, but this wall hanging is a little too big for glue stick basting.

I would have no problem with paying for long-arm quilting or even the extra time to wait to get the quilt back from the long-armer, but if I do simple wavy quilting, I can control where the quilting goes, and I’d rather not have the eyes and nose of the hedgehogs and possibly the foxes show any quilting.


To-Do #2

For quilting my brother’s Two Cranes Sashiko pillow, I decided to use fusible black interfacing rather than batting because I was concerned that white batting would show through the loose weave of the indigo Sashiko cloth. I do have some black batting, but it’s buried in my shed, and I just didn’t have it in me to pull out lots of bins to access this batting. Because interfacing is much thinner than batting, I actually quilted the pillow front using a regular presser foot instead of my walking foot. I decided to quilt two lines around the perimeter of the design and then quilted around each crane and called it good. The quilting with a dark blue thread is almost invisible on purpose as I didn’t want it to compete with the Sashiko stitching.


The fabric for the back is called Dance Steps in Maize, and there is still some available at Bernie’s Needle and Foot Etsy shop. I think the bird tracks look perfect with the Two Cranes design.


To-Do #3

I designed the mug rug for my colleague at work using an EQ8 square-in-a-square-in-a-square block (see mock up in second pic below). When I sewed the block, I was able to use the eyedropper option in the color design tab that showed me each color in my mock-up. I used every single fabric in my mock-up for my actual block except I changed the grey from Pepper to Charcoal.


Raquel mug rug[556]

To-Do for the week of Aug 3rd-Aug 9th:

  1. Cut some petals to be appliquéd on my Lotus Blossom quilt.
  2. Make some ombré triangles for a new ombré quilt project that I will share about next week.
  3. Start hand-quilting my Dahlia Sashiko project.

Linking up to Melva Loves Scraps: To-Do Tuesday.

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7 Responses to To-Do Tuesday 103 Weekly Progress Update

  1. I have some of that maize fabric, it’s very cool. Looks great for the pillow. I have a Sashiko (not the cranes!) project I’m working on, and I’ve been pondering how to quilt it, so this was helpful to read. You’ve had a good week!


  2. That Maize is just perfect! The quilting really is invisible. I clicked on your Dahlia link and it is gorgeous.


  3. The pillow turned out so beautifully; the maize fabric compliments your sashiko thread color beautifully!


  4. I love your Two Cranes Sashiko pillow. I definitely need to explore that technique because I don’t remember seeing it before. Thanks for sharing the photo.


  5. Your brother’s pillow is gorgeous — the maize fabric was the perfect choice! Your mug rug inspired me to make a few with my scraps — Enjoy your weekend!


  6. chrisknits says:

    What a great week you had!! Love the small project, love those colors.


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