Positivity Quilt Finished

I am so happy to share that I have finished my Positivity quilt for the Positivity Sew Along co-hosted by Preeti of Sew Preeti Quilts and Bernie of Needle & Foot. I’m thrilled to give another Mercyful quilt that will go to the Palliative Care Unit at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento, California that gives quilts to their terminally ill patients to bring some measure of comfort to the person and their family as they go through the difficult process of dying. The family then keeps the quilt in the memory of the person who passed away. Below is a photo of the finished quilt.


I chose the simplest layout due to time constraints (see some of the other lovely layouts here), but the seven different Alison Glass Kaleidoscope fabrics give some visual and textural interest. The background is Charcoal, and the fabrics for the pluses are Cobalt, Turtle, Tiger, Pencil, Hope, and Mermaid. Below is a pic of the first 24 blocks I made in June:


Melissa with Sew Shabby Quilting did the long-arm quilting. I chose a non-fussy motif called Van Gogh that works well with the simple pluses. I decided to bind the quilt with a slightly darker Kaleidoscope fabric called Raven. The binding is completely machine stitched, and I opted to show more of the binding on the front of the quilt because I wanted the raw edge inside the binding to be well-encased. When I trimmed the quilt, the batting peaked through occasionally on the edges which could potentially become visible especially after the quilt is laundered. I actually like the look of a chunky binding, though I’ve heard the quilt police don’t share my opinion, LOL! Below is a close-up of the quilting and binding that also shows a bit of the marbled grey backing fabric:


Linking up to the Positivity Quilts Final Link-up hosted by Bernie at Needle and Foot.

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10 Responses to Positivity Quilt Finished

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Oooh, I’m so excited to see your completely finished Positivity quilt. It turned out SO great. I am especially fond of the different grays you used as background fabrics, and the bright, positive, and fun plus signs. It is gorgeous. The quilting design is lovely, too. I like that it’s a rather loose design which makes it nice and squishy. Good job! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. I think a wide binding frames this quilt out nicely. It’s been so lovely to see all the variations being made to be shipped to for the Mercyful quilts project.


  3. Bonnie in VA says:

    Nicely done. Sometimes it’s better to make a wider binding to really keep the edge covered. The colors really pop. I am a fan of lighter quilting and this design works so well.


  4. Your Positivity quilt came out so nicely – I love the calming grey background with the bright plus blocks!


  5. JanineMarie says:

    I love how the pluses seem to float above the surface. The Van Gogh looks great with the pluses (and I’m sure he would approve of the color scheme..


  6. I love it! I am a big fan of the colors used in Alison Glass’ fabrics. With the gray background, this is a very pretty quilt. Thank you so much for making it for Mercy Hospital. We are really grateful for your donations! I remember the beautiful quilt you sent to us a few years ago and now you have made another! 🙂


  7. Rebecca Grace says:

    Your Positivity quilt turned out fantastic, and I think your wider binding is the perfect complement to the piecing scale of your blocks. There’s no quilting police — just Mean Girls from junior high who never grew out of their need for conformity. ;-). Is that Alison Glass fabric kind of an ombre? It’s gorgeous in your quilt. Congrats on a lovely finish for a worthy cause!


  8. Oh this turned out so gorgeous – maybe the prettiest plus quilt I’ve seen! Love, love the grey background. Love the “chunky” binding too, and boo-hiss to the quilt police.


  9. Preeti says:

    I love the bright plus signs shining against the charcoal background. Perfect quilting pattern. I am a big fan machine binding because it is fast and it is strong, lasting through multiple washes. Thank you so much for participating in the QAL. Hugs to you!!!


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