To-Do Tuesday 106 Weekly Progress Update

I am joining the weekly To-Do Tuesday Linky Party hosted by Chris at ChrisKnits

To-Do for the week of Aug 17th-23rd:

  1. Start appliquéing the petals on my Lotus Blossom quilt. √Done
  2. Bind my Positivity quilt. √Done
  3. Make more progress on my Ombré Lotus project. √Done

To-Do #1

I did start to applique one of the petals for my Lotus Bloom quilt, but I was too heavy handed with the applique glue which came through the fabric. I know it is supposed to wash out, but I’m not sure I’m going to wash this quilt prior to gifting it. I imagine the applique won’t look quite as sharp once it is washed. At any rate, I have another petal prepped and will try it again shortly.

To-Do #2


I got my Positivity quilt finished on Sunday. For details about this project, please read my Positivity Quilt Finished post.


To-Do #3

I also got my Ombré Lotus quilt top done on Sunday (it was a very productive day!) I put quite a few hours into getting it quickly pieced. Part of that was to clear the deck for other projects, and it was partly due to me wanting to be able to enjoy this quilt on my bed for a couple months before the holiday season. I’ve sent this quilt to Cara at Sew Colorado Quilting for her to quilt a lovely star pattern. Here is a close-up of the center of the quilt top:


To-Do for the week of Aug 24th-30th:

  1. Finish appliquéing the petals on my Lotus Blossom quilt and write my August OMG Finish post.
  2. Make the binding for my Modified Fancy Forest Quilt.
  3. Pull some fabric for a family Sew-Along in September.

Linking up to Chris Knits: To-Do Tuesday.

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7 Responses to To-Do Tuesday 106 Weekly Progress Update

  1. Rebecca Grace says:

    Congrats on finishing your gorgeous Ombre Lotus quilt top! It’s a stunner, and I can’t wait to see how you’ll quilt it!


  2. Positivity looks great, and, of course I love the Ombre Star quilt, too! It is beautiful! It will be fun to see it quilted.


  3. I can’t wait to see the finished Ombre Star. You’ve done well this week!


  4. I LOVE the Ombre Star ! — can’t wait to see this finished quilt.


  5. The Morning Latte says:

    The pos quilted up beautifully! Love it!


  6. I do worry about glue coming through fabric as well as I tend to use glue as artfully as a Kindergartener, LOL. I hope that the second time is a charm for you.


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