To-Do Tuesday 115 Weekly Progress Update

 To-Do for the week of Oct 19th-25th:

  1. Finish my Blakely Sew-Along quilt top. √Done
  2. Work on my Wolf Abstractions project. √Done
  3. Stitch a Sashiko square with the speckled gold background with another color thread. √Done

To-Do #1

I finished my Blakely quilt top that measures 55″ square this past weekend, actually I mean that I re-finished it. Last weekend I sewed the long sashing strips on and when I thought I was done and had put it on my bed to clip threads and to pick off loose threads and pieces of fuzz, I saw what I thought was a piece of dark fuzz, but it was a HOLE in one of the long sashing strips. So I put it aside and a few days later ripped out that sashing strip, cut another strip (thankfully I had plenty of white-on-white fabric left) and sewed on an unblemished long sashing strip between the third and fourth rows.


To-Do #2

I finished making all the units (not all of them are pictured below) for the quilt that measures 60″ x 65″ for my friend, Laura’s 50th birthday in January using Violet Craft’s Wolf Abstractions pattern. I’m liking how this project is starting to take shape.


To-Do #3

I received my order from the Etsy shop Shiboridragon (link to this coaster kit set here) on Friday so had time to stitch a new Sashiko square. I had wanted to try stitching with a variegated black/grey thread but it didn’t work with the speckled gold background (the grey just got lost in the background), so I used three-strands of plain DMC embroidery floss. I think it definitely has a masculine look which will be perfect for my stepson, Drew.


October 2021 OMG Finish

Yesterday I wrote a post about my October 2021 One Monthly Goal. You can read about it here.


To-Do for the week of Oct 26th-Nov 1st:

  1. Work on my Wolf Abstractions project.
  2. Stitch a Sashiko square with the speckled gold background with black thread.
  3. Write my November 2021 One Monthly Goal post.

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7 Responses to To-Do Tuesday 115 Weekly Progress Update

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! Good thing you noticed that hole!! How annoying would that have been if it’s found when quilting has begun or when you’re adding the binding. Ugg. Yowza, you’ve made great progress on the Wolf!! I’ll bet you are enjoying yourself a lot with this abstract piece. You’ve set yourself up for great success since it’s not needed until January. I am really looking forward to seeing this project as it progresses. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. The Blakely quilt top is stunning! Weird about the hole. Wolf Abstractions is amazing. Your Sashiko has inspired me to sign up for a course on Instagram. Of course I don’t have any fabric – lol! Thanks for the link to the kit. And thanks for another peek at Northern Lights. Looking forward to seeing it quilted!
    Thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday! 🙂


  3. I always enjoy seeing what you’re working on, Mary! Your OMG quilt is just beautiful! I really like the Blakely quilt design, too. And the wolf is a big WOW! Those eyes! That’s going to be a wonderful gift for your friend.


  4. Always fun to see your progress (and your Sashiko fun) – the Wolf project is really looking great! Those eyes!


  5. Oh wow, good catch for the hole in the sashing strip; glad you had enough fabric to be able to replace it. As much as seam ripping isn’t fun, it’s pretty magical it allows us the ability to fix something like that.


  6. You have some really pretty projects. And good for you for replacing that damaged sashing. I know how difficult it is to go back and work on a project that you’ve finished.


  7. Sharon says:

    Sashiko coasters, what a good idea! That is so great that you caught that sashing problem before starting the quilting. And had enough fabric for the repair. Phew! That Wolf is going to be amazing – which reminds me, I have the Barn Owl pattern … I’ll start it one day.


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