To-Do Tuesday 127 Weekly Progress Update

 To-Do for the week of Jan 11th-17th:

  1. Make flying geese for Jan 2-7 for my NM, CA, and WA temperature quilts. Perhaps make some headway on the second week of January. √Done
  2. Write a blog post about participating in this years Stay at Home Robin Robin (abbreviated SAHRR2022) and share about my center block on Quilting Gail’s Linky Party. √Done
  3. Start designing the layout of my Treasure Hunt quilt. √Done

To-Do #1

I am paper-piecing all the flying geese and keeping track of the date, state, and colors on the paper to help keep me organized. The units below show a low of 1 (the two violet smaller triangles in NM Jan 2) to a high of 65 (the large clover green triangle in NM Jan 7). The city I am tracking in CA shows the least disparity in the low and high temperatures, and the city I am tracking in WA is the only one so far that has the same fabric for both the low and high temps (Surf Jan 5). Now that I’ve gotten myself a little more organized, I’m starting to have fun with these projects.


To-Do #2

Here’s the post I wrote about participating in this year’s round robin: SAHRR2022–I’m In


To-Do #3

I got my design boards out and decided on an arrangement of 100 units forming 25 blocks for my Treasure Hunt donation quilt. The photo below shows the upper left quadrant of the design.


To-Do for the week of Jan 18th-Jan 24th:

  1. Start sewing my Treasure Hunt the units into rows.
  2. Start working on the first border for SAHRR2022.
  3. Work on a Peloton unit and/or Temperature flying geese.

Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal: To-Do Tuesday

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9 Responses to To-Do Tuesday 127 Weekly Progress Update

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! I’m curious as to why you’re tracking temperatures in three cities? It will be interesting to see the differences as they start to appear. I suspect summer will tell different tales but we’ll see! I’m so glad you are playing along in the round robin. I love your center block!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Oh it’s already a treat to see the differences in the temperatures of the 3 locations! What a fun project that is going to be to get to follow all year. 🙂 Have a great week!


  3. Love the dog block ! Is that a Frenchton or French Bulldog? I love strings too and just sewed up 39 red ones for RSC 2022. Stay safe and temperature quilt on !


  4. Your temperature project is going to be fun to watch! I love the bulldog block, too – perfect for the SAHRR project. The Treasure Hunt quilt is going to be a happy one! Have a great sewing week!


  5. The Morning Latte says:

    Will be interesting to see the temperature tracking! Hope you have a productive week!


  6. I love your foundation pieced dog. It’s wonderful. Did you design it?


  7. It will be very fun to see your temp quilts continue to grow! I’m excited to see your first SAHRR border, too. Those string blocks are so vibrant and pretty!


  8. chrisknits says:

    Everything is looking awesome! I love your RR starting block!!!


  9. i love that you’re tracking several places on your temperature quilt – how interesting! The string blocks are GORGEOUS!
    I’m a week behind, but thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!


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