Weekly Progress Update #130

 To-Do for the week of Jan 31st-Feb 6th:

  1. Write my January 2022 Favorite Finish post. √Done
  2. Write my Feb 2022 OMG post. √Done
  3. Work on the third border for SAHRR. √Done

To-Do #1

I did get my January 2022 Favorite Finish written. Read the details about it here. The Wolf quilt for my friend, Laura. actually is the all-time favorite quilt I’ve ever made. I love how he looks hanging from the curtain rod on my shed. Laura is planning to hang this quilt in her bedroom on a high wall. How cool is that? She bought a quilt hanging apparatus and needed a quilt sleeve to use it, so I quickly got one sewn and in the mail to her.


Just Added Sunday Night

Laura sent me some photos of her with the quilt as well as one of the back that I decided to include in this post. I especially love the first one where she is holding her cat, Rikki, and smiling at her dog, Ishwa, who shares gorgeous blue eyes with the wolf. The last photo is of the quilt back.





To-Do #2

I also got my February 2022 One Monthly Goal post written (read about it here). Below is the first of 25 economy blocks I will be making for an I Spy quilt for Lil Lucy who will turn one in April.


To-Do #3

We received our third border prompt for SAHRR2022 from Roseanne of Home Sewn By Us on Monday. Roseanne chose stars, and I decided to make four paper-pieced stars modifying a border block from Kristy Lea’s Quiet Play Pattern Club 2021. These stars took awhile to make, so I decided to just make four corner stars, which gave me an opportunity to feature a lovely large-scale print from Christoper Thompson’s Blue Carolina fabric collection in the main part of the 3.5″ border. With the three borders, my piece now measures 28″ square. I really do need to take an outside pic soon because the stars are not nearly as dark as they look in the indoor photo below.


To-Do for the week of Feb 7th-13th:

  1. Make more economy blocks for Lucy’s I Spy Quilt..
  2. Work on the fourth border for SAHRR.
  3. Work on temperature and/or Peloton units.

Linking up with Home Sewn By Us: Star Border and Texas Quilt Gal: To-Do Tuesday.

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11 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #130

  1. You have had a good week, and your goals for the next look good! It’s my border week – you won’t have any problem getting it done 🙂


  2. I love watching your SAHRR grow. I hope you have a great week!


  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! You had a very productive week, didn’t you?!! Those sweet little economy blocks in purple for Lil Lucy are adorbs. She is going to LOVE this quilt when it’s complete. Of course, I am not one bit surprised that you chose to PP your stars. Good thing I was sitting down. HAHAHAHAHA! They look great! Your wolf for Laura is beyond any word I can think of. I can only imagine how Laura felt when she saw it. OMG!! Great, great job Mary. It is definitely a heirloom quilt. I sure hope you put a label on it. I can imagine someone in 2222 seeing it and being amazed that someone made it. Yup, it will be around that long. {{{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. rl2b2017 says:

    Love, love, LOVE the update!! And I also adore the photo bombing of Ishwa and Laura’s smiling face. Cool, cool, cool all the way around. I have to join you in it being my favorite of all the quilts you’ve shared with us! R


  5. So fun to see the photos of Laura with her quilt! Thanks for sharing them – she looks delighted!


  6. Oh I love the photos with Laura and her fur babies! Love the way you are designing your SAHRR quilt. That fabric you featured is beautiful.
    Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday! 🙂


  7. janisb99 says:

    Love your wolf quilt! What a wonderful piece to gift to a friend. Yes, her picture with her fur babies is very nice. I’m also impressed with your having a curtain rod attached to your shed so you can get great photos of your quilts in the sunshine. What a great idea.


  8. The wolf quilt it so creative and the recipient seems very happy with it! Great job!


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