January 2022 Favorite Finish

I am so happy to share that I finished my Wolf quilt in early January and my friend, Laura, received it mid-January a few days before her 50th birthday. Below are two photos I took of it hanging on the curtain rod on our shed. I absolutely love how these photos show off the wolf in all his majesty!



I actually took it on a trip to Sedona, AZ, the second weekend in January when we went there to meet my stepson, his partner, and his dog, Sushi. The town of Sedona was packed because of the nice weather, and many places to park were full, so I only took one photo of the quilt in Sedona. I do like how the rock in the background complements the quilt (you get a partial view of Sushi in the pic below, but trust me, he is such a cute dog! I’m planning to make a quilt for Drew’s birthday in May that features a Boston Terrier).


Rebecca of Rebecca Grace Quilting did an exceptional job quilting Laura’s quilt. Please read her post here that shares the details about all the extra time and effort Rebecca puts into her quilting. I love the pic below of the wolf quilt on her long arm machine. Those eye!!!


Details about the Quilt

  • Pattern: Wolf Abstractions by Violet Craft
  • Size: 60” x 65” before washing
  • Quilting done by Rebecca Grace Quilting
  • Quilting Pattern: Sound Waves
  • Fabric: a variety of Kona cotton solid fabrics
  • Started quilt top mid October 2021
  • Finished quilt on 1/4/22

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9 Responses to January 2022 Favorite Finish

  1. Such a fantastic quilt, Mary! Nice photo in the wild, too!


  2. The red in Sedona and behind the quilt in your yard really frames the quilt and makes it pop. What a stunning quilt and beautiful gift!


  3. Laura M says:

    It is such a gorgeous piece of work, it’s such an honor to receive something so beautiful made by a dear friend!


  4. Laura M says:

    I forgot to add in my comment above that the long arm quilting really does complement the shapes of the design while lending a wonderful depth to the image.


  5. chrisknits says:

    IT. IS. STUNNING!!! what a lucky gal she is to have you as a friend!


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  7. What a magnificent quilt! I bet your friend was thrilled. Nice photos with your stepson and puppy and partner. 🙂


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