Color Gradient Strip Quilt Finished

If you spend much time on Instagram, you may have seen all sorts of gorgeous strip quilt tops and even some patchwork squares and improv layouts. Alison Glass has been hosting a Kantha sew-along where participants simply piece colorful quilt tops and then embellish them with simple Kantha running stitches. I really wanted to make a Kantha quilt, but what I realized when I finished sewing my color gradient strip quilt top is that I wanted it to be quilted fairly quickly and NOT by me! I have started a Kantha pillow cover that is about one-ninth of the size of my quilt top, which is much more doable for me. I’ll be sharing my progress about my Kantha pillow next week. But today I am happy to share my Color Gradient Strip Quilt finish that is made mostly with Alison Glass fabrics with a few favorite Giucy Giuce fabrics thrown in. The quilt measures 54″ by 78″.


I sent it to Cara@Sew Colorado Quilting to quilt a modern waves design, and she did a lovely job and got it back to me within a very decent timeline.

Right now it is folded on my recliner in the living room, but it might have to spend some time on my bed in the near future, so I can enjoy all the colors.

Linking up to Sarah Goer Quilts: TGIFF .

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6 Responses to Color Gradient Strip Quilt Finished

  1. It’s so bright and happy! And I’m also really, really pleased to see you were able to take a photograph of the quilt outside with a blue sky. ❤


  2. Sarah Goer says:

    I love the vibrant rainbow and the movement of the quilting motif. This makes me want to cut my Alison Glass fabric into strips. It’s delightful! Thank you for linking up with me for TGIFF.


  3. Oh wow, I love the colors in the quilt, and the quilting just takes it up another notch! What a gorgeous quilt!


  4. This is gorgeous!


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