Weekly Progress Update #149

To-Do for the week of June 13th-19th:

  1. Visit a new-to-me quilt store. √Done
  2. Work on a  second Sashiko square using my favorite variegated Caribbean perle floss on grey cloth. √Done
  3. Make more Murmuration diamonds. √Done

To-Do #1

I actually visited two new-to-me quilt shops in the past week. The first one was Quilting Folks, and it is in Rockledge, Florida. I visited my long-time friend, Annette, arriving Friday June 17th and getting back to New Mexico on Wednesday June 22nd. Annette lives two long blocks from the beach. Below is the pic I took during a glorious morning stroll:


Here’s a photo of Annette with her favorite fabric at Quilting Folks.


And here’s me with pretty teal Sphere fabric by Zen Chic (and yes I did come home with a yard cut of it!)


I actually visited two new-to-me quilt shops in the past week. The second quilt store we went to was Quilts and Lace, and it is in Melbourne, Florida. I picked up an interesting table runner and placemats pattern there called Mitered Magic.


The last full day I was in Florida Annette and I went to a little park where manatees are known to frequent. While we didn’t see a manatee that day, we did have a close sighting of a gator! Annette is definitely braver than me regarding proximity to alligators–I got close enough to snap a photo and then backed right up!


To-Do #2

I had plenty of time of airplanes as well as some relaxing time at Annette’s, and I got two Sashiko squares finished during my trip. The pic below is definitely not great, but it shows the two squares next to a portion of Annette’s lovely swimming pool where we spent one relaxing afternoon floating around.


To-Do #3

I just made three more Murmuration diamonds this past week before going to Florida, but I didn’t take a photo of them.

To-Do for the week of June 20th-26th:

  1. Write my June 2022 OMG Finish post.
  2. Make more Murmuration units (diamonds and possibly triangles).
  3. Get caught up with my temperature quilts flying geese.

Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal: To-Do Tuesday.



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6 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #149

  1. Looks like a fun visit – wish you could’ve seen a manatee in the wild, though!


  2. Wow, it looks like a great visit!


  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! How nice of Annette’s pool to exactly match the stitching in your squares. I am SO happy to hear that you had a great vacay. We’re all totally shocked that YOU came home with some fabric that’s teal. Say it isn’t so?!! JK {{Hugs}} I can feel the relaxation coming right off the ocean picture. What a lovely walk, and I’m thrilled you got to take it. {{Hugs}} again ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. What a fun trip, quilt shops and the ocean and a swimming pool with a friend! The Sashiko looks good next to that pool. Did you enjoy your walks to the beach? Going home to NM must have been a difference in humidity. 😉
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


  5. chrisknits says:

    Looks like a great trip!! I am still 3 weeks away from my Florida excursion!!


  6. McKenzie says:

    How fun! That table runner pattern looks like a challenge- but I’m sure you’ll be able to piece with ease. I’ve got 3 new-to-me quilt shops on my list while in Illinois. 🙂


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