October 2022 OMG

My October 2022 One Monthly Goal is to sew together the third quarter (July, August, and September 2022) of the THREE temperature quilts I am making this year. I’ve wanted to make a temperature quilt for the past couple years but then the pandemic hit, and I didn’t particularly want to commemorate 2020 or 2021, but I’ve been somewhat cautiously trying to live a more normal life in 2022. The first temp quilt is for me in northern New Mexico, the second for my stepdaughter who lives in California in the Bay Area, and the third for my stepson who lives in Washington. I am using the same Kona solids to depict each temperature range, and when they are finished, it will be so much fun to see the quilts next to each other and compare the different temperatures for each state. Below are the flying geese units for Jan-March. New Mexico is the left, California in the middle, and Washington on the right:


I’m using 2″x4″ finished flying geese in all three quilts. I am paper-piecing all the flying geese using Lee@Freshly Pieced’ Perfect Flying Geese and keeping track of the date, state, and colors on the paper to help keep me organized. Here are the units for April-June for NM, CA, and WA.

temp columns april through june

I’m looking forward to seeing what the third quarter of this year looks like once I’ve sewn them together.

Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: Oct 2022 One Monthly Goal.

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8 Responses to October 2022 OMG

  1. Julierose says:

    These are really lovely–so interesting to see the different area temps…hugs, julierose


  2. Very interesting quilt in the making! Hugs


  3. It will be very fun to see the three quilts together. I think NM is going to be very colorful!


  4. Oooh, I look forward to seeing what the third quarter looks like, too. Such a fascinating process to be able to compare the three locations. 🙂


  5. Look how steady Washington is compared to the other two! Lovely colors and thanks for the link to PP flying geese – never tried to make one other than the usual way, and that is always iffy for me.


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  7. That is a fun way to compare the temperature in those different areas. Nice job on them.


  8. Nann says:

    Your temperature quilt colorway is gorgeous! And, yes, what fun to see how the temps vary.


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