Five Years of Quilting

Five years ago today I took my first quilt class, and I had NO idea how much that class would change my life! My mom was a quilter, but unfortunately I wanted nothing to do with quilting for most of my life. I hated it when she wanted to stop at fabric stores! Well, things have changed dramatically in the last five years! I wish I could share my passion for quilting with my mom, but I believe she sees all my projects and is encouraging me from the Great Beyond. I would say that my taste in quilts leans toward modern and bright colors, but some of my favorite projects fall more into the traditional classification, occasionally with more subdued colors.  I really like the precision of paper piecing, and I absolutely love color gradient quilting projects. I am also drawn to animal quilts/projects and have a fondness for Christmas fabric/projects. And just this year I have started sewing curved blocks which still kinda scare me, but I love their visual impact/interest.

I have made photo collages of favorite projects that I’ve made over the past few years and have organized them into four different categories: Favorite Quilts (Non-Color Gradient, Favorite Quilts (Color Gradient), Favorite Small Projects, and Favorite Animal Quilts and Pillows. I was going to provide links for all of them, but I’d be here all day! Please use the search box above my Instagram photos on the right side of this page for blog posts on these projects, and most of them are tagged for easy clicking!

From the top left going clockwise, the above quilts are Tranquility Quilt, Camping Quilt, Summer Sampler 2017, Mercyful Quilt, and Meadowland Quilt.

From top center going clockwise, the above quilts are Dimension in Dusk, Feathers Quilt, Wedding Whirl, Lumen Quilt, and Rainbow Autumn Chain.

From top left going clockwise, the above small projects are Travel Trailer Pillow, Paper-Pieced Crane (not blogged about but posted on Instagram), Reel Time Placemats & Table Runner for my Sister, Rainbow Hexie Pillow, and Christmas Baubles.

From top left going clockwise, the above projects are Bird Pillow (not blogged about but posted on Instagram), Hazel Hedgehog, Slinky’s Friends Quilt, French Bulldog Quilt, and Fancy Forest Quilt.

Planned 2020 Quilts

As of today (and that could change in a week!), I have five quilts that I plan to make in 2020.

  1. Murmuration Quilt (Pattern by Rebecca Bryan@Bryan House Quilts).
  2. Metro Medallion  (Pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful). I actually plan to start working on this project in November, but it definitely won’t be finished until the new year.
  3. Modern Arrangement Quilt  (Pattern by Heather Black@Quilt-achusetts).
  4. Soirée Quilt  (Pattern by Amy Ellis@Amy’s Creative Side)
  5. A Rainbow Quilt (possibly Lucy in the Sky in Rebecca Bryan’s Modern Rainbow Book), or I may have the privilege of pattern-testing a different rainbow quilt for Rebecca.

I also will probably make at least one animal project and more than likely a Christmas project or two, but I don’t have anything specific in mind. Lastly, I went to a couple of awesome workshops in September in Perrysburg, Ohio, to learn more about Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8), and I really want to play more in 2020 with using EQ8 for quilt design.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading this long post and sharing this amazing quilting journey with me.









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5 Responses to Five Years of Quilting

  1. Happy 5th anniversary and cheers to many, many more! 🙂


  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! What a fun retrospective post. I didn’t know you five years ago, and I didn’t know you had made several of these projects. Especially the doxies . . . and that adorable ornament tree (OMG – that is cute) . . . and the rainbow hexies! Plus, I adore the camper for your brother – oh heck, I adore all of them. Every time I see a solid fabric of any color, I think of you. You are my hero for solid fabric usage. ~smile~ Roseanne


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  4. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Congratulations on your big 5!!! I just a bit behind you with 4 years! Looking forward to seeing what you do in your next five.


  5. Marie says:

    Congratulations on your 5 years. There are a lot of very nice quilts on these pictures. My favourite remain the feather quilt and wedding whirl


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