Stargazer (Modified) Quilt Finished

I have a favorite finish to share on Meadow Mist Designs: Favorite Finish Monthly Linkup – February 2020.

It is my modified Stargazer quilt which I started last year through participation in Rebecca Bryan’s Block of the Month program. I originally was going to use the main colorway in blue, green, and turquoise fabrics (after all, anyone who knows me is aware those are some of my very favorite colors). Take a look at Rebecca’s finished Stargazer quilt. Isn’t it awesome!?! I decided to switch out the green solids for purple solids because purple is the favorite color of my best friend (also named Mary) who is the recipient of this quilt.

I completed all the units and cut the base triangles cut by the end of December, and on first day of 2020, I started to sew the chevron arms of the quilt top together but struggled getting the seams to line up, and I wasn’t having fun (I realized after the fact that if I had nested my seams rather than pressing them open, I would’ve had an easier time).

I spent a little time looking at Modern Triangle Quilts (also by Rebecca Bryan), and that night, when I couldn’t sleep well at all, I started redesigning in my head the chevron sections of my soon-to-be-modified Stargazer quilt, using some quarter base triangle units from Rebecca’s book, which would also eliminate the matching of many other seams of the blocks that surround the chevron units. I eventually decided to modify the Stargazer quilt highlighting the block I like best (Rebecca calls it the Starbucks block) using purple and blue solids.

I had the quilt top done by mid-January and sent it out for quilting to Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting, choosing the Pick-Up Sticks quilting pattern to accentuate the variety of angles in my modified Stargazer quilt, and using a pretty wide-back batik fabric for both the backing and binding. Below are several pics I took this morning at our local plaza park. The third photo which shows the full quilt hanging straight really is too dark, but I like how it highlights the center of the quilt.


And here’s a pic of the back of the quilt on the dry winter grass.

My friend, Mary, is on a trip and will return on Monday. I can’t wait to give this finished quilt to her!

I’m also linking up to Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday being hosted this week by my friend, Roseanne, at Home Sewn By Us.

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8 Responses to Stargazer (Modified) Quilt Finished

  1. I love this, especially how well those lights shine. You did a great job and your friend will be so pleased.


  2. I love this quilt, Mary! It’s just beautiful. I recognize that location too 🙂 The quilt glows! I’m sure it attracted attention while you were taking the photos. Mary is one lucky friend; I’m sure she will love it!


  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! WOWEE! Mary is just going to adore this quilt. She’ll be so surprised to see it all finished. It takes on a whole other depth when you can finally see the finished product, all quilted and bound. I just love the rays radiating out from the center, and that backing is just the perfect selection for this piece. What a nice finish for the first day of March. Thanks so much for linking up! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. I bet that Mary is going to be so thrilled to receive this beautiful quilt. What an awesome finish!


  5. Nancy Myers says:

    A beautiful quilt. Marry will treasure it.


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