To-Do Tuesday #43 Weekly Progress Update

I am joining the weekly To-Do Tuesday Weekly Progress Update Linky Party hosted by my friend, Roseanne, at Home Sewn By Us.

To-Do for the week of June 2nd-June 8th:

  1. Finish Month 2 of the Solstice BOM. √ Done
  2. Try a few sashiko stitches on a pre-printed coaster.  √ Done
  3. Work on a secret Christmas quilting project. √ Done

To-Do #1

I did indeed finish the 12 units for Solstice BOM Month 2. I trimmed them up using an equilateral triangle ruler. Some of them lined up perfectly and others not so much. I’m not sure how forgiving the quilt will be when sewing all the units together, but the good thing is I’m not planning for this quilt to be a gift, so it’s a good one to learn and practice other piecing skills. And I may end up re-making them. When I was reviewing the Month 2 lesson over the weekend, I noticed that there was a paper-piecing template for these units at the end of the lesson. I wish I had seen that before because I will definitely choose paper piecing over strip-piecing any day!

To-Do #2

I bought a Sashiko coaster set awhile back to learn how to do this ancient Japanese embroidery technique. I spent a couple hours watching YouTube videos and finally decided I needed to dive in. I chose the simplest coaster design and was able to get one coaster stitched in less than an hour. It was a little stressful trying to get my stitches a consistent length, but I finally relaxed and chalked up my less-than-perfect stitches to the learning process. There seems to be a theme with To-Do #1 and #2, and it continues into the third item on my list.

To-Do #3

I’ve made some progress on my secret Christmas quilting project, but Saturday was one of those days where everything I did went wrong. The project involves basic paper piecing, and I felt like I was back in the early days of paper piecing when I made every kind of error imaginable. I finally figured out that I was tired and just needed to relax, so I made myself stop working on the project while I read a book and took a little nap. I also had to consider how the current distressing events of the world have taken a toll (though I am heartened by so many people taking a stand against racism). By Sunday I felt like I was operating on most of my cylinders again. I can now share a little more about this project since Mary decided to send a sneak peak (see below) to her sister, Debra, who will be the recipient of this Christmas Tree quilt.

To-Do for the week of June 9th-June 15th:

  1. Work on Month 3 of the Solstice BOM.
  2. I want to do the stitching on another Sashiko coaster.
  3. Work some more on the mostly secret Christmas Tree quilting project.

Linking up to Home Sewn By Us: To-Do Tuesday Weekly Progress Update Linky #44.

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4 Responses to To-Do Tuesday #43 Weekly Progress Update

  1. Nice work on the Sashiko, it’s looking great! You’ll get the rhythm down, the more you make. Nice work on that Solstice block too; I love the colors. There is nothing more frustrating than when paper piecing isn’t flowing. It was good that you took a break; I’ll bet it will be easy when you pick it up again. I agree, all the things going on take an emotional toll, but there is good coming out of it.


  2. Those Christmas tree blocks are really neat! You’re smart to take a step back and do something else when things aren’t going right, Mary. There can definitely be times when I feel like a brand new quilter, and wonder what caused that! The sashiko stitching looks like an enjoyable craft to learn!


  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! It seems like you need to relax over all of your projects lately. This is supposed to be fun! I agree with Wendy, and think that your Sashiko stitching looks very nice. Who is going to compare stitch lengths other than you??!! Your mystery Christmas project looks like fun – cool fabrics and I especially LOVE the fabric you chose for the tree trunk. Good luck with this week’s list and thanks for linking up. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Cheree Hull says:

    I tried a paper-piecing project a year or so ago and found it a little frustrating. Just when I thought I had it down, I would mess up again–but I remember liking it when I learned it years back. Apparently it is NOT like riding a bike, or maybe it’s just not for me? I’m sure I’ll try agin one of these days. Good luck on your to-do’s!


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