July 2022 OMG

My July 2022 One Monthly Goal is to finish making my Murmuration quilt top (making units for this quilt was also my June 2022 OMG). This is a project I’ve wanted to make for around three years using the Murmuration pattern by Rebecca@Bryan House Quilts. So far I’ve used 21 different Kona solids. Below is a pic of 63 diamonds and five of the triangles I’ve made so far for this project that is getting closer to the final layout which be comprised of 93 diamonds plus 30 triangles. I’ve also made a few lighter diamonds that aren’t in the photo that will be placed near the outer perimeter of the quilt. I’m definitely having fun finally working on this quilt and seeing it start to come together!


Linking up to Elm Street Quilts: July 2022 One Monthly Goal.

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6 Responses to July 2022 OMG

  1. This quilt is going to be such a beautiful wash of color. I look forward to seeing more and it’s clear you are having fun working on it! 🙂


  2. The colors you’ve chosen are so stunning, Mary! This is going to be a fantastic quilt!


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  5. Rebecca Grace says:

    Oh my gosh — Mary, your Murmuration is looking gorgeous! Even more beautiful than the pattern photos. It looks like the shimmering turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, as seen from an elegant cocktail party on a glamorous yacht … 🙂


  6. Sandy Panagos says:

    Wow! That is very cool.


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