Weekly Progress Update #168

To-Do for the week of Oct 25th-31st:

  1. Take a couple outside photos of my Lumen quilt if weather permits.√Done
  2. Write my Oct 2022 OMG Finish post. √Done
  3. Do a little more stitching on my Sashiko Daisy pouch project. √Done

To-Do #1

On Saturday I took a few photos of my Lumen quilt hanging outside on the curtain rod attached to our shed. Here’s the pic of front which benefited from the sun just starting to rise above the horizon. I love how vibrant the Alison Glass Kaleidoscope colors look on the charcoal background.

Lumen front full shot

The wide backing fabric for the back of Lumen is Aurora Borealis from Backside Fabrics. I snapped the pic of the back about 10 minutes later than the front when the sun was starting to shine.

Lumen back full shot

And here’s a close-up of the back of Lumen:

Lumen back close up

I’m so pleased with my finished Lumen quilt which measures 60″ square. As a reminder, Lumen was quilted by Rebecca@Rebecca Grace Quilting. The quilting design is called Celestial Spark Clam, and the variegated thread is Great Barrier Reef. For more close-ups of Lumen, please see my weekly post from last week here which really shows off the pretty variegated thread. And some of you may remember that I made another version of Lumen in 2019 for my stepdaughter, and even back then, I knew it was likely I’d make my own Lumen quilt to keep. If you are interested in reading about my first Lumen quilt, please see this post. 

To-Do #2

Below are the flying geese units for my three temperature quilts for July-September sewn into columns which were sewn together to complete the third quarter for each state. Read my Oct 2022 One Monthly Goal Finish post for more information about this project. New Mexico is the left, California in the middle, and Washington on the right:

Third quarter flying geese sewn together

To-Do #3

I made some progress doing some stitching on my Sashiko Daisy Pouch, but I’ll wait to take another photo until I finish the stitching.

To-Do for the week of Nov 1st-7th:

  1. Share my Nov 2022 One Monthly Goal post.
  2. Do a little more stitching on my Sashiko Daisy pouch project.
  3. Start working on some Sew Tiny Christmas ornaments.

Linking up to Texas Quilt Gal: To-Do Tuesday.

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9 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #168

  1. If possible, it looks even more spectacular in the outdoor light. Love the chance to see the quilting (and that thread!) again. I want to be Rebecca Grace when I grow up. 😀 The backing is beautiful. I’m glad you made it for yourself! Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


  2. The backing for Lumen is just perfect, Mary! You really got some great photos. So interesting to see the progression in your temperature quilts, too. The flying geese work great for a temperature quilt!


  3. Getting photos of Lumen outside was well worth it; you timed it perfectly with the rising sun to show off the front of the quilt to beautiful effect!


  4. plstockwell says:

    Lumen looks beautiful out in the wild! Nicely done! Good luck this week on all of your goals!


  5. Lumen is a stunning quilt. Congratulations for your amazing finish.


  6. Lumen is so pretty in that natural light – well, any light for that matter! I’m so enjoying watching the temp quilt progress, too!


  7. The Morning Latte says:

    So pretty and colorful! Great job!


  8. chrisknits says:

    The quilt pattern is perfect on your quilt. Gorgeous.


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