2020 Quarter 2 Finishes and Quarter 3 Goals


I’m late posting about my 2020 Quarter 2 Finishes and Quarter 3 Goals. It felt redundant to post both on Instagram and on my blog, but I’ve decided to make one change that makes more sense to me. I will still continue to post actual finishes on Instagram (@mringer58) and I’ve added the tag #mringer58fal to my IG Finish-A-Long posts. But I will blog about quarterly recaps/goals that may or may not be on my FAL lists, and using this format I can share about works-in-progress and finished quilt tops.

Despite 2020 being the strangest year ever, I had a fairly productive second quarter even though I have continued to go to work during the pandemic. I have to admit to fantasizing what I might’ve gotten done had I been working from home, but chances are it wouldn’t be much different. I’m one of those persons who does best with routine and structure.

In order of completion, here are my Quarter 2 finishes:

  1. Three Stargazer Pillows
  2. Improv Table Runner
  3. Mime Kitty Quilt
  4. Birthday Cake Fabric Card for Aunt Lois’ 90th Birthday
  5. Glimmers of Gold Quilt for my friend Karla
  6. 50 Years of Friendship Quilt for my friend Jeanne
  7. High School Graduation Quilt for my great-nephew Hayden
  8. Vertices Quilt
  9. Hummingbirds Quilt
  10. Blithe (Modified) Quilt (Pictured Above)

Quarter 3 Projects/Goals


I’ve started doing the Sashiko stitching is the past couple months, and I have to tell you, it’s kinda addictive. I plan to do more Sashiko in the coming months. It’s a perfect activity while watching baseball games. Yes, I’m thrilled that the MLB season is finally starting tomorrow. Below is one finished coaster out of a set of four for a gift for my niece next month.


I also have a few Christmas projects in the works. Right now I can’t share much other than this sneak peek:

Summer Sampler Alumni Quilt

I have partnered with Sarah Harris @acorncornerquilts to request black and white blocks made from the current or past Summer Samplers to honor the Black Lives Matter movement and to directly benefit the Social Justice Sewing Academy. SJSA enables youth activists to be seen and heard through the medium of fabric. Sarah and I have been inspired by the quilt that the Summer Samplers designers are making this year to proclaim that Black Lives Matter (Check out the #summersamplerblm tag on Instagram). Our quilt, which is an alumni quilt from any of the summer samplers, will be auctioned this fall, and all of the proceeds will go to SJSA. We are using the hashtag #summersampleralumniquilt. Sixteen different people have committed to making blocks for this project, and they have until the end of August to send them to me (a few have already arrived). I will be putting the quilt top together in September and then sending it to Sarah to quilt and bind. Below is the block that I made for this quilt. It is the Summer Kites block from the Summer Sampler 2019: Piecing Boot Camp (designed by Katie Blakesley).

More Curves

I’m in the process of making a Drunkard’s Path quilt for my nephew and his wife. Here is a pic of my first 24 units. For more info about this project, please read this Post.

And Just For Fun

I’m going to make a mini kitty quilt to go on top of my modified Blithe quilt using Elizabeth Hartman’s Cat pattern. Below is the first I’ve made for this project:

That’s my plan for now. I’m sure it will change! Who can relate to their quilting goals changing on a regular basis!?!

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4 Responses to 2020 Quarter 2 Finishes and Quarter 3 Goals

  1. I can definitely relate to goals changing frequently. I love that you and Sarah partnered to make a quilt to raffle for the SJSA; thank you!


  2. So many fun projects. That black/white block is so striking. Love the Sashiko and the kitty!


  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Mary! I have been working from home and I definitely can say I’ve gotten less done than usual. Not only do my work hours never end – I see work emails as they come in on my personal laptop – but my enthusiasm has often been lacking. I look forward to seeing each of these projects as they advance! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Juliann says:

    My quilting goals have been on the back burner for too long but now that I am officially retired, I hope to change that. Sashiko is on my list too


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