Weekly Progress Update #165

To-Do for the week of Oct 4th-10th:

  1. Bind my Offset Gradients quilt. √Done
  2. Sew flying geese units into columns for July for NM, CA, and WA. √Done
  3. Do a little more Sashiko stitching. √Done

To-Do #1

I did get my Offset Gradients quilt bound this past week. As a reminder, I used Alison Glass’ Spectrum pattern, and this was a quick project to make, and GASP, it was not paper-pieced! The quilt measures 54″ X 78″, and I only used Alison Glass and Giucy Giuce fabrics in the quilt. I’ve accumulated quite a stash of their fabrics over the years, and it’s nice to finally be using them. (I dipped my toe in the water when I made my Color Gradient Strip Quilt quilt a few months ago, but I made a serious dent in their fabrics when I cut 7 inches width of fabric for the triangles for this project). I read a newsletter over the weekend from Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl where she introduced me to a new acronym: FOUF–Fear of Using Fabric. I have definitely suffered from FOUF over the years, but it absolutely brings me to joy to be creating projects with these beautiful fabrics, so my FOUF has significantly decreased!

Offset gradients front full shot

Here’s one close-up of the beautiful quilting done by Rebecca at Rebecca Grace Quilting that looks as lovely on the Kaleidoscope Charcoal sashing which I also used for binding as it does on the prints:

Offset Gradients close up 2

And here’s another close-up that shows off the Sunrise Chevron quilting pattern:Offset Gradients close up 1

I really love the photo Rebecca took before she returned the quilt to me (note to self–try more photos from different angles):

Offset gradients pic by Rebecca

Here’s a a full shot of the back of the quilt that shows the wide back Stonehedge Gradations Ombre in Graphite from Backside Fabrics.

Offset Gradients Back full shot 2

And a close-up that shows how well the So Fine 409 Smoke thread blends with all the greys on the back:

Offset Gradients Back full shot

To-Do #2

This month I plan to get all the flying geese units sewn into columns for July, August, and September for my New Mexico, California, and Washington temperature quilts. Read more info about my October 2022 One Monthly Goal here. Here are the flying geese for July sewn together for NM, CA, and WA:

July flying geese sewn together

To-Do #3

Here’s a Sashiko flower square that I also photographed on our robin egg picnic table:

Sashiko flower

To-Do for the week of Oct 11th-Oct 17th:

  1. Bind my Lumen quilt that I received back from Rebecca last week.
  2. Sew flying geese units into columns for August for NM, CA, and WA.
  3. Do a little more Sashiko stitching in a different color palette than grey/turquoise.

Linking up to Texas Quilt Gal: To-Do Tuesday.

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10 Responses to Weekly Progress Update #165

  1. Offset Gradient is a gorgeous! Such vibrant fabrics. And Nancy did a fantastic job with the quilting.


  2. You have really been on a roll, getting those quilts finished. This one is so, so pretty – it glows! The quilting is so cool, too. And you are rocking the temp quilts and the Sashiko, my friend!


  3. The Morning Latte says:

    A beautiful finish. I agree, it glows. I immediately thought of gems!


  4. Offset Gradients is a stunning quilt; and I love the gradient backing as well. Fear of Using Fabric comes and goes – it’s strange how it can grab hold of us sometimes. Clearly you put your fabrics to their best use here!


  5. Offset Gradient turned out beautifully, Mary! Rebecca’s quilting is really amazing – fun to see it in different lights and angles to get all the details. Have a great week!


  6. LOL on FOUF! I suffer from that too. Gosh that quilt is gorgeous – and Rebecca is a genius – her quilting just makes those fabrics shine. Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!


  7. chrisknits says:

    That quilt just glows!!! Great job from start to finish. And yes, FOUF is a thing around here too! But I am trying to avoid it by digging into those lovely fabrics.


  8. Oh my goodness — we are ALL just a bunch of FOUFERS, aren’t we?! Hah! I am way behind on reading my favorite blogs and it’s so nice to see both Lumen and Offset Gradients all finished and bound. Two of my favorite customer quilts ever — if you ever get sick of them, feel free to send them back to me! 😉


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